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Bats in the garden

Don’t be scared, bats in the garden are a blessing not a curse. These little creatures mostly eat garden bugs as Wildlife World Bat expert Chantal Brown explains.


Apple tarte tatin

Apples are starting to ripen in the orchards and gardens, so make the most of your apple harvest with this easy to make tarte tatin recipe from Lubera.


How to grow pelargoniums

For months of colour for the patio or kitchen windowsill, grow pelargoniums. They’re very easy to grow, even for beginners, and they’ll reward you with a stunning display all summer long.


Five ways with Poinsettia plants

The best-selling Christmas plant of them all, poinsettias are sold in a range of sizes and colours. They make great pot plants, but with a bit of creativity can also be used as decorations.


Pear caramel

Make the most of your garden pears with this delicious recipe for pear caramel from Holly Farrell’s new book, The Jam Maker’s Garden.


Pea cheesecake

This recipe for pea cheesecake is a delicious light lunch or summer starter, and uses everything but the pod itself from the pea plant.


Five great hellebores

The hellebore is a fabulous winter garden stalwart. Specialist nurseryman John Massey chooses five of his favourites.


My Flower Power Story – keen amateurs

Putting Flower Power into the hands of keen amateur gardeners helps to see the results helps to show what a difference it can make. Last summer we asked some keen amateur gardeners to try Flower...


Five great azaleas

When in flower in spring, azaleas are simply stunning, literally covered all over with vibrant and beautiful blooms. Here are five great azaleas recommended by Peter Chapman from Perryhill Nurseries.

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Five great hepaticas

When it comes to early spring flowers, Hepaticas are among the most beautiful. On bright sunny days their flowers open wide to display their simple beauty and unobtrusive charm.


Five great crocus

Crocuses are sometimes underrated garden gems, bringing a welcome splash of colour to gardens, heralding the end of winter and the start of the much-awaited longer days and warmer weather ahead.


Five great birches

Birches are one of the most attractive trees for our garden, but if you thought that they all had silver or white bark, you are very much mistaken

Pumpkin chutney

Recipe: With its sweet pumpkin flesh, and just a hint of heat from flecks of red chilli, this chutney is perfect with a mature cheddar.


Plant a tulip tree

The tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) is an exciting, unusual specimen tree for the larger garden. Plant one in your garden for the ultimate wow factor!


Grow Phlox ‘Jewel Mixed’

Be among the first to grow Phlox ‘Jewel Mixed’. It offers luxurious rosebud blooms and months of flowers from May right through until the autumn.


Grow Oriental lilies

Grow Oriental lilies for a rich fragrance and exotic blooms. Plant bulbs in garden borders or in pots for colour and scent all summer long!


Poinsettias as cut flowers

Poinsettias make great festive cut flowers and will last up to two weeks. Here are 5 great ideas for using poinsettias as cut flowers.

Rhubarb syrup

Turn your rhubarb into a delicious syrup or cordial. This delicious rhubarb recipe comes from the kitchens of fruit specialist Lubera.


Grow wallflowers

David Ponton. This post comes from QVC’s David Ponton. David was originally an osteopath specialising in spinal disorders in racehorses and he took up gardening after a life threatening injury. QVC viewers love his wonderful enthusiasm...


Rhododendron ‘Germania’

If you buy one plant this spring, choose something that adds elegance and drama to your garden. Introducing the amazing Rhododendron ‘Germania’ – the QVC cherished choice for Plant of the Month for February.


Owls in the garden

Gardens close to woodlands and countryside can offer ideal sites for owl boxes says Wildlife World expert Chantal Brown.

1 - 30 of 874 features

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