Hydrangea Magical Ruby

Grow Hydrangea ‘Magical Ruby’

Hydrangea ‘Magical Ruby’ offers gardeners more than six months of colour for borders, pots and containers. It’s a showstopper and has already won awards in the garden industry for its depth of colour and performance. It’s lime green blooms develop a stunning red-pink edge and darken over time as the flowers mature creating a conversation piece from May right through to November.

Enjoy watching the lime-green flowers, take on a pink tinge in the spring before slowly turning into ruby-red by the autumn. 

Growing Tips

  • Hydrangea ‘Magical Ruby’ is a compact plant, growing to about a metre by a metre, so its great for a large pot, or why not buy two to stand proud either side of your front door to welcome visitors to your home, or plant them in a border for late summer colour.
  • Hydrangea ‘Magical Ruby’ is easy to grow, preferring a moist well drained soil in full to partial shade.
  • It’s tolerant of heavy rain and fully hardy.
  • Keep your border plants well watered until they are established. Keep container grown plants moist but not over wet at all times, especially in hot weather, when the compost may dry out very quickly.
  • When planting in a container choose Use Richard Jackson’s Premium Multi Purpose Compost for the best possible results. It enhances drainage and root development and is enriched with Flower Power nutrients, extra wetting agent, Root Booster humates and seaweed extract to give your plants a great start to the season.
  • Feed regularly throughout the growing season with Flower Power to get the very best from your plants.

This guest post comes from our friends at Hayloft Plants.

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