Root Booster


The hidden secret behind most good plants is a great root system. I developed Root Booster with three natural ingredients used by professional gardeners to help grow great roots!

  • Its unique blend of three special ingredients encourage root development, which helps grow stronger and healthier plants.
  • 100% natural.
  • One application works for the lifetime of the plant.

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Product Description

There are lots of different planting additives on the market. Root Booster is formulated from three special ingredients used and trusted by professional gardeners. It’s 100% natural and can help any gardener grow healthier, bigger and better plants. Root Booster works for any outdoor plants including all flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

  • Formulated with naturally occurring HUMATES. When you water plants, or when it rains, some nutrients will wash out of the soil or compost and are lost to your plants. Root Booster granules absorb some of these, otherwise lost, nutrients and, over time, gradually release them back to the plant’s roots. In this way, they can make any plant food, including Flower Power Premium Plant Food, more effective.
  • Plus naturally occurring MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI. These work in conjunction with the plant’s roots to help them absorb more water and nutrients. Remarkably, mycorrhizal fungi can help root systems become up to 200 times more effective. Mycorrhizal fungi are used by commercial gardeners to help grow healthier plants.
  • And natural starter fertiliser. This gentle mix of natural nutrients helps the root systems establish faster in the first few weeks after planting.

One application of Root Booster LASTS a LIFETIME in the soil and compost. At any time of year, simply add a few granules around the root system when planting in pots, borders, in the vegetable beds, or when transplanting/moving plants to new positions in the garden.

  • A 50ml measuring scoop is included with each tub.

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