No Grow Bird Food 12.75kg

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  • High energy no grow, no weeds, no mess formula
  • Nourishing blend rich in oils, proteins and energy
  • With vitality booster, biotin and vitamins
  • Easy-to-eat pieces suitable for smaller birds and fledglings
  • 100% free of cheap fillers like wheat

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No Grow Bird Food 12.75kg
No Grow Bird Food 12.75kg £34.00

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No grow, no weeds, no mess

Sometimes when bird food falls to the ground, if it isn’t eaten and the conditions are favourable, some of the seeds can germinate and grow. With the help of the country’s leading bird food manufacturers, I’ve developed a new, no grow, no weeds formula. All of the nutrient rich ingredients have been flaked or kibbled, so all the goodness is still there but if the seeds fall to the ground, they won’t grow.

High energy mix

It’s so much more than no-grow. It’s high in energy, rich in oils, proteins and carbohydrates and it doesn’t contain any cheap, non-nutritional fillers like wheat flakes. Each of the ingredients is broken into smaller pieces so they are extra easy for smaller birds and fledglings to eat. None of the ingredients have any husks or seed coats, and some are softer too, so they are easier for smaller birds, including many of our much loved songbirds, to eat and digest.

Added vitality booster

There are many different bird foods to choose from but this is rather special. Our special vitality booster contains Biotin to help maintain the condition of the birds’ feathers plus extra Vitamin A for a healthy immune system, Vitamin D to help with calcium absorption as well as antioxidants Vitamin E and C.

No Grow Ingredients

Kibbled Maize

So many birds love this, especially smaller birds like blue tits, robins and finches. High in carbohydrate and oils, its small size means that it is extra easy for birds to digest.

Sunflower Seed

I’ve included plenty of Sunflower chips (smaller pieces of sunflower hearts) in the pack as the birds simply love them! It’s their favourite food because they’re a rich source of oil and protein, and full of energy and goodness. As they are small pieces, it’s quick and easy for birds to eat and get maximum energy for minimum effort - it’s their equivalent of very healthy fast food!

Peanut Granules

Rich in protein, fibre and oils, peanuts are a superb source of energy and are one of the most popular year round foods for a wide range of birds. Whole peanuts can be a choking hazard for young birds, my peanut granules are broken into smaller pieces so they are easier and safer to eat.


My oatmeal includes all the natural fibre rich oat bran, and provides a concentrated source of energy and natural oils. It’s officially  called pinhead oatmeal as it’s the inner part of the oat seed, soft and small which means they’re easier for the birds to digest than traditional oats.

Suet Pellets

One of the best sources of fat and protein, my pellets attract and nourish a wide range of birds. They are especially valuable during the colder months when natural sources of food and nutrients are scarce. These premium higher energy pellets contain no fillers and are made with natural colourants.

Oyster Grit

This provides garden birds and fledglings with a natural source of calcium which is essential during the breeding season.

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