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autumn garden

Congratulations to Mary Hayter, October’s competition winner. See October’s gallery.

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Richard's tip of the week

Clean those garden tools. Spades, forks and other garden tools last much longer if cared for. Before finally putting them away for the winter, wash off any mud, dry them, then wipe with an oily rag (I use WD40). If any of them are a bit past it, why not ask for a new one for Christmas?

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Flower Power testimonials

Our tomatoes were so heavy we had to tie them up! We used Flower Power and Root Booster – the best product we have ever used.

This product is wonderful! I have the most beautiful baskets, houseplants, roses and tubs ever!. Thank you.

I’ve been using Lawn Magic for two years now. What a fantastic product. My husband is from Liverpool, now our lawn looks like Anfield!

Just look at my giant flowered hydrangea. Of course, I used Flower Power on it. My neighbours are in awe!