Pest Control Concentrate


This is quite special. A fast acting and really effective way to sort plant pests. And it’s organic!

  • Treats a wide range of plants pests including Greenfly, caterpillars and lily beetle.
  • Approved for Organic gardening.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors on all ornamental crops.
  • Makes 25 litres. This small bottle goes a long way!

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Product Description

Over my years of gardening, I’ve used lots of different pest control products. Some, quite frankly, just didn’t work and others had to be treated with huge caution. And some of the newer chemicals may poison bees so there’s no way I’m going to use those. I was delighted to discover this, an organic solution that works, and it works fast.

  • Controls a wide range of pests: including greenfly, blackly, whitefly, red spider mite, thrips, scale insect, woolly aphid, caterpillars, sawfly and lily beetle. It’s effective on mature insects, their larvae and their eggs.
  • Organic gardening approved. The natural active ingredient is based on an extract from chrysanthemums.
  • Use it where needed. It’s approved for use indoors and outdoors on all ornamental crops.
  • A mini-marvel. This small bottle goes a long way! You only use 10ml of concentrate per 1 litre of water, so if you use a 500ml spray bottle that’s 50 spray bottles worth! That’s probably 2 years of pest control for the average gardener!
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