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Flower Power is a plant food with a difference. I developed it to grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables than other plant foods.

The extra high levels of potash help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables, makes plants more resilient to pests and poor weather, and helps build their winter hardiness.

Many gardeners now rate it as the best plant food they’ve ever used!


Use from early spring to mid-autumn when plants are growing. Can also be used in winter to boost winter-flowering plants.

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Product Description

To grow better plants, you need to feed them with a plant food. But not all plant foods are the same. I worked with a leading Garden Scientist to develop a formula based on special feeds used by leading professional growers. My formula contains a unique blend of premium nutrients, seaweed extract, wetting agent and bio-stimulants, and has been tried, tested and trusted by thousands of gardeners to help them grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables compared with the results they achieved with ordinary plant foods.

  • Proven by professionals. Flower Power fed plants have won over 80 Gold Medals and First Prizes at major flower shows, including Chelsea, for plants including clematis, fuchsias, geraniums, begonias, roses, sweet peas, dahlias, aubergines and potatoes.
  • Improves flavour and weather resilience. Flower Power doesn’t just help you grow more. The extra high levels of potash help improve the flavour of fruits and vegetables, makes plants more resilient to pests and poor weather, and helps build their winter hardiness.
  • Works wonders on all plants. Use Flower Power on ALL plants, indoors and out. Even with green (foliage) plants like Hostas. You don’t need to buy other feeds for plants like roses, orchids, tomatoes, azaleas … Flower Power gets great results with them all!  
  • A little goes a long way. Flower Power is super concentrated and goes much further than ordinary plant foods. Just add 5g to 4.5 litres/1 gallon of water.
  • Use from early spring to mid-autumn when plants are growing. Can also be used in winter to boost winter-flowering plants.

Flower Power Premium Plant Food is easy to use, either with a watering can or a hose end sprayer.

Customer Images

I use Richard Jackson Flower Power; I call it superfood :) from spring through to end of summer. I use Richard's Rose Tonic, Slug Pellets, insecticide, Compost, Root Booster, Bird Seed and Fat Balls. Thank you so much; since using your products my garden, all year round, improves each year.

Rachel Hill

My hibiscus has been stunning this year with the help of Flower Power.

Karen Davis

I was delighted with my Richard Jackson's Florist Choice Ranunculus grown in pots and fed with Flower Power.

Laura Gilbert

Helleborus, Pink Frost, used Richard Jackson's Flower Power, lovely long lasting blooms.

Linda Giles

I used Root Booster, Flower Power and Easy Feed.

Una Bird

I’ve never had much luck with delphiniums until now, they didn’t look that impressive compared with the ones pictured in magazines. But just look at these, I planted them last year with Root Booster and fed them regularly with Flower Power. This year, tons of magnificent flowers. Wow!

Fiona Day

This is one pelargonium plant in a small pot, fed with Flower Power - the results are absolutely amazing. Everyone who visits my garden comments on the size of my plants and the fabulous flowers. All thriving on Flower Power. I definitely recommend it.

Claire Best

All my plant pots and hanging baskets have been fed with Fabulous Flower Power. What a product. I’ve had such wonderful results ... Brilliant colours, wonderful hanging baskets and pots which are the envy of my neighbours. I've had such fabulous comments from family and friends for the whole garden. 

Diana Eastwood

We struggled to grow strong healthy flowers. Then we started to use Flower Power Premium Plant Food and suddenly we have a garden full of fantastic looking flowers.

Anthony Compton

These are my lovely lilies. I use Richard Jackson’s Root Booster and Flower Power and they’ve grown so tall.

Tara Johnson

Bought from QVC and fed on Flower Power.

Pauline Keeling

I use Flower Power on all my plants & this is a photo of my peony plant. I've been using Flower Power now for a number of years and wouldn’t be without it.

Rita Varley

My Flower Power fed strawberries were Bigger and Sweeter than those which weren’t fed with Flower Power. In fact, they were still flowering and fruiting into November!

Phillip Lakin

These flowers have bloomed well this year thanks to Root Booster and Flower Power.

Donna Mulgrave

These lillies were bought from QVC and we used root booster and flower power - absolutely stunning results and the products make gardening a doddle!

Wendy Cundy

After using Flower Power over the last 3 years, everyone who comes to the house comments on how beautiful our Azalea looks.

Lynda Cooley

Dahlia planted with root booster, fed with flower power, the blooms are enormous and bright.

Natalie Harvey

Using a good quality compost and feeding with the superb quality Flower Power feed is to us, the perfect combination for growing excellent, full of flavour, quality vegetables.

Margery & Bernard Le Masurier

My hosta has been growing in the same pot for five years. This spring, I started to feed it with Flower Power and my hosta has grown almost double the size and produced over 40 flowers.

Lisa Barber

Here is my massive hanging basket this year. Thanks to Flower Power & Root Booster. I have neighbour envy.

Christine Jones

I’ve been growing my agapanthus in the same pot for 8 years. Usually it produces around 25 flowers. This year, I started to feed it with Flower Power and it has DOUBLED the number of flowers!

Lisa Barber

12” hanging basket with million bells and lobelia. Planted with Container Magic and fed with Flower Power.

Gareth Jones

I live on a main road and my tiny front garden always gets lots of comments from passers by that enjoy my colourful display. This is all down to Richard Jackson’s Flower Power and Root Booster.

Joy Corrie

Osteospermum 'Blushing Beauty', fed on Flower Power and potted with Root Booster.

Jan Mendez

I have been using Flower Power and Root Booster over the last number of years. Absolutely fantastic! I certainly wouldn't dream of using anything else.

Allan Crutchley

A wonderful, colourful pot from my parents garden - fed by Richard Jackson's Flower Power.

Joanne Ker

We have tried and tested Flower Power and would recommed this plant food 100%. It does exactly what it promises. Our garden thrives and has resulted in stunning flowers like these roses. Passers by are amazed and we tell them its due to using Flower Power (and some hard work).

Gillian Shadbolt

Really proud of my hanging basket. I attempt to create a basket of this size and colour every year and after using your Flower Power product I believe I have finally achieved this!!

Denise Becker

Just look at my Flower Power fed plants!!

Alexia Shipley

I can't believe the difference Flower Power has made to my lovely Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll'. She flowers profusely and her heady fragrance is simply stunning. I wouldn’t dream of using anything other than Flower Power.

Sioned Edge

This Hydrangea Annabelle had been neglected by previous owners. I used Richard's Flower Power and look what happened.

Sarah Ottey

This is a clematis in my garden. Been there at least 20 years and been fed over the last three years with flower power. This year is its best ever, thank you Richard.

Julie Birch

I am very proud of my hostas, I use Richard Jackson's Slug pellets and Flower Power and, look, no holes in the leaves!

Joan Bygraves

This is the results from Richard Jackson Compost, Flower Power, Root Booster and Lawn Magic – great products. Neighbours come and see my garden every year, even in the cold temperatures of Inverness.

Tommy Stewart

This is a picture of the apples from only two dwarf apple trees and a pear tree in my garden, when planted I used Richards Root Booster, and have used both the amazing Flower power and invigorator to feed and protect the trees from pests.

Sharon Carmichael

Orange begonias fed on Flower Power, also started off with Root Booster. My hanging basket is the envy of the road.

Paul Noone

A picture of my patio with my pots and some of my 21 baskets that I feed with Root Booster and Flower Power. Also in my bird feeder is Richard’s Bird Feed.

Mark Cotton

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