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How often should you water your plants? Our watering guide explains all and demostrates a few tips and techniques.

How to water your plants

Geoff’s top tips for protecting your container plants from the cold this winter.

How to protect your container plants in winter

Now is a great time for planting up virtually everything! Doing so will give your plant time to settle in over the winter, so it will look even better come spring.

Autumn planting

Here’s a great way to use up all those autumn leaves falling in your garden and turn them into a wonderful, nutrient rich leaf compost.

Make use of fallen leaves

Learn how and when to plant container-grown shrubs in your garden with our easy to follow guide.

How to plant container-grown shrubs

A few techniques on how to save time when watering your garden.

Save time watering the garden

Collect seeds from your favourite flowers so you can grow them again for free next year!

How to collect seeds

Fill out any gaps in the garden by sowing late cropping salad and vegetable seeds.

Sow late cropping seeds

Insect pests are a menace we all have to deal with from time to time. Geoff shows you how to spot them, as well a few different ways to treat them helping you maintain healthy plants.

Insect pests? Go on pest patrol!

These quick jobs will help you maintain your garden even when you’re off on holiday!

Holiday garden maintenance

Take cuttings from established plants and grow them on to increase your stock of them for free!

How to take plant cuttings

Looking to achieve an amazing display of colour? We show you how to plant out your summer bedding plants.

Planting out summer bedding

Geoff shares his tips to help keep your summer bedding plants blooming longer.

How to care for your summer bedding plants

Plant out some summer bedding plants for a wonderful display of colour over the Summer.

Plant out summer bedding

Make sure you get the very most out of your Sweet Peas using these tips from Richard.

Keep your sweet peas flowering longer

Richard shows you to get the very best out of your Sweet Peas.

How to grow Sweet Peas

Keep your climbers looking their best with a little support and regular tying in.

How to tie back and train climbing plants

The best way to keep on top of those pesky weeds.

Dealing with weeds

Learn how to sow hardy annuals, starting with the preparation of the soil.

Sowing hardy annuals

Use grass seed to fix any patches in your lawn, you should see the difference in just a few weeks.

Fix patches in your lawn

Get rid of dead flower heads on your Daffodils to give them a real boost!

Boost your Daffodils

Another quick tip on how to refresh a slightly tired looking patio with a few choice Pot Plants.

Brighten up your patio with pot plants

Richard shows you how to give your plants a new lease of life with a quick application of fresh compost and fertiliser.

How to top dress plants

Slugs and snails are a major garden pest and can cause considerable damage to your plants. Here are a few our favourite methods to deal with them.

How to protect your plants from slugs and snails

Use scrunched-up newspaper to help stop your compost from going stale and stodgy!

How to keep your compost fresh

Richard shows you how to get the very best out of your Clematis.

Clematis growing tips

Top tips for looking after the UK’s favourite flowering houseplant to keep them in great condition.

Caring for orchids

Use frames to support taller growing plants and stop them drooping under their own weight.

How to support taller plants

Increase your plant stock for free with our guide on taking cuttings from your existing garden shrubs.

How to propagate shrubs from semi-ripe cuttings

Grow your herbs now so you can take them inside later in the year and use them all through the Winter.

How to grow fresh herbs

How to force your indoor bulbs to ensure they’re flowering in time for Christmas.

How to plant indoor bulbs for forcing

Refresh your flowerbeds by replacing faded summer bedding plants with violas, pansies and primroses. Planting now will help them establish over winter and flower even earlier next year.

Refresh your flowerbeds

Keep the colour in your garden this winter with our how-to guide on planting your autumn to spring bedding.

Planting autumn to spring bedding

Look after your roses in autumn. Here we show you how to prune and tidy your roses in Autumn as well as the best way to prepare the ground and plant new roses for next year.

Autumn rose care

A great way of getting even more colour in your pots is by layering your spring flowering bulbs when planting up in containers.

How to layer bulbs

To help your tomatoes ripen before the weather turns, simply hang a couple of bananas next to your green crop. They’ll release a gas called ethylene that will encourage your tomatoes to ripen up.

How to ripen tomatoes

November’s the best time to plant up your Tulips, here Richard shows you how to achieve a stunning display in your borders or pots.

Tulip planting

How to check, prepare and store Begonia tubers for the winter, so they’re ready to start growing again next spring.

Storing begonia tubers over winter

Plant your spring bulbs in autumn to ensure a colourful display next spring. From daffoldils to tulips, our top tips will show you to plant and care for your bulbs.

Planting spring-flowering bulbs

Autumn is the best time to get your lawn in shape and ready for the following year. Top tips on how to scarify, top-dress, and improve your lawn.

Autumn lawn care

For the very best flower displays, it’s important to prune wisteria correctly. You’ll soon be pruning like a pro with the help of our quick tip video.

How to prune Wisteria

We show you how to save money by taking cuttings of your perennial bedding plants.

How to propagate perennial bedding plants

Rejuvenate your herbaceous perennials. A step by step guide to dividing established perennials and planting on.

Dividing herbaceous perennials

Richard shows you how to grow your own delicious potatoes in a grow bag.

Grow your own potatoes

For an easy, cheap way to pack your garden with colour try sowing perennial seeds now, to plant in Autumn. These will give your garden a lift when they flower next spring.

Pack your garden with colour

Keep your clematis look it’s best! These vigorous plants are fantastic but can soon become out of control.

Pruning clematis

The right way to prune your flowering shrubs to ensure the best display the following year.

Pruning spring-flowering shrubs

Give your herbaceous perennials a helping hand with a little support to help keep them looking fabulous. Geoff explains all from bamboo canes to support rings.

Supporting herbaceous perennials

After flowering, look after your spring-flowering bulbs to get the best possible crop the following year.

Care for spring-flowering bulbs after flowering

Learn about plug plants and how to give them the best start in life.

Potting on plug plants

Keep your lawn looking lush and green by giving it a feed with Lawn Magic!

Feed your lawn

Grow crops of salad and vegetables this summer with our guide on how to prepare your drills and sow seed – even in dry weather!

Sowing vegetable and salad seed for summer and autumn crops

Keep your wonderful Roses in top condition with these easy tips.

How to look after your roses

Try to mow twice a week and feed with a premium lawn feed to keep your lawn looking lush this summer.

How to keep your lawn in top condition

Why not give growing your own vegetables a go? Tomatoes, peppers and aubergines are great options and can be grown on your patio.

Grow your own vegetables

Geoff shows how to make the most of your herbaceous perennials once they’ve finished flowering.

Tidy up spring-flowering perennials

Geoff Hodge explains the difference between different types of fertiliser and the benefits of using each.

Feeding outdoor plants

Richard shows you the best way to grow herbs if you’re struggling to find space for multiple pots.

How to pot a herb planter

Richard gives you a hand on how to get rid of Lily Beetle.

Preventing Lily Beetle

Roses are one of our firm favourites. Here we show you the best way to care for and maintain your roses.

Summer rose care

Richard explains the best time to pick your delicious, home-grown herbs.

When to pick herbs

Give straggly looking plants a real cut back to help boost regrowth over the Spring and Summer.

Trim straggly-looking plants

Discover the right way to repot and look after your house plants this spring.

Repotting house plants

Use a good sprinkle of organic slug pellets to help get rid of slugs & snails.

Sort out slugs & snails

A quick guide on the best way to trim different types of hedges.

Top tips for trimming hedges

Keep your bird-feeders topped up over the Spring and Summer.

Feed the birds

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