lawnmower cutting grass or lawn

Spring lawn care

Spring is nearly here. Temperatures will soon start to rise and the amount and quality of daylight is increasing. That can mean only one thing: the grass is growing and if you want a lawn to be proud of and the envy of everyone who sees it, it’s time to give it some TLC.
pots filled with spring flowers

What can I plant in spring containers?

Add a beacon of colour to your garden with a spring container full of early garden flowers says Jean Vernon
salad growing in small pots

Grow Your Own Salad – Growing for one

You don’t have to have a big family to feed, to grow your own food, Geoff Hodge explains how to grow your own for one.
pink and yellow primroses

Primroses and polyanthus: the essence of spring

Primroses are surely our most loved wild flower. Surprisingly common in shady hedgerows and at the edge of woodlands, the primrose has a charm unmatched by any other wild flower.

Jobs this month

Hello spring

March is the first month of spring and everything is coming to life again. The cold, wintery weather may continue for a while, but with the daylight hours getting longer, there’s still plenty that can be done in the garden.

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