Slug and Snail Control


For years I worried about using ordinary slug pellets. Then I discovered these. Reassuringly, they’re approved for organic gardening. And they work brilliantly!

  • 100% metaldehyde free. My pellets are based on naturally occurring iron phosphate.
  • Slugs and snails eat the pellets, disappear underground and don’t come back.
  • Approved for organic gardening and proven to work just as well as the traditional pellets.
  • Safe for wildlife and pets.

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Product Description

Ruined plants, shredded leaves and unsightly slime trails! Slug and snail damage is one of the biggest problems in every garden. Traditionally, gardeners have used slug pellets made from a chemical called metaldehyde but these are, thanks goodness, being withdrawn from the market. Other gardeners have tried to deter slugs with barriers like copper bands, egg shells or wool pellets but a recent trial has found none of them to be effective. My slug pellets are different. They are based on a natural material, they work as the traditional pellets and they’re approved for organic gardening!

  • The neater solution: Slugs and snails eat the pellets, go underground leaving no unsightly bodies or slime trails. You can tell the pellets are working as they gradually disappear, each one eaten by a slug and snail.
  • Feed your plants. Another, very welcome, benefit of my pellets is that if any of them aren’t eaten by slugs or snails, they’ll gradually break down into nutrients to help feed your plants.
  • An organic solution that’s proven to work as well as traditional metaldehyde slug pellets, and, unlike some slug pellets, these control the large Spanish slug too.
  • Rain resistant. The pellets are long lasting and extra rain-fast.  
  • Safe for wildlife and pets when used as directed.

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