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Not all lawn feeds are the same! This very special professional top-rated double action formula greens the grass and strengthens the roots, building a beautiful green lawn that’s stronger, healthier and more resilient for pets, kids and day to day use.


Lawn magic works best in moist soil. See usage instructions below for more information on how to use during hot weather/heatwaves or periods of prolonged dry weather.

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Product Description

Ever wondered what top sportsgrounds use on their grass? The chances are they’ve used a version of my Lawn Magic, the professional secret of green, healthy and great looking lawns.

Lawn Magic should be applied every four to six weeks from March to September. Regular use will give you a lovely, lush, dark green lawn, as well as building up the strength of the grass to help it overcome adverse weather conditions – like summer drought and winter wet and cold. As it thickens the grass too, it will help it outcompete weeds and moss. Lawn Magic is the secret weapon of professional groundspeople and greenkeepers!

I’ve sold it for a number of years and it can make a huge difference to any lawn.

  • Special formula. It’s the lawn feed used and trusted for many years by the professionals.
  • Unique double action. Lawn Magic does two jobs in one. It greens the grass and strengthens the roots.
  • Added benefits: I’ve also added seaweed extract for bio-stimulant benefits and natural sugars to build disease resistance.
  • Apply anytime from spring to the autumn. There’s no need to buy any other specialist feeds for different seasons.
  • No scorch liquid formula which helps transform all lawns: new, old and tired!

Lawn Magic is easy to use. Apply it in a watering can fitted with a sprinkler bar or watering rose, or, for ultimate convenience, with a hose end sprayer.

During hot weather/heatwaves or periods of prolonged dry weather: Give your lawn a good soaking before applying Lawn Magic. If brown patches appear during drought, it’s most likely due to soil hardening. Spike the patches with a fork, water on a wetting agent and then water thoroughly before appling Lawn Magic.

Customer Images

Here is my back garden. I use Lawn Magic and I am so pleased with the results. I love your products. Everyone asks how I get my lawn so good. Thank you.

Susan Diamond

Lawn Seed and Lawn Magic ... a fantastic effective combination!!! ... and our dog Chester loves it!

We pretty much use all the Richard Jackson Garden Products and recommend them to all our friends and family.

Adrian & Jacqui Holliday

I use all Richard Jackson products and have been telling everyone how effective they are. The lawn was only put down last year and had scaffold and bricks over it during building works so I used the lawn magic a couple of times and it’s very strong and lush green and all the yellow bits green again.

Marie Privett

Our garden. Just a small peak of part of it and all helped along thanks to Richard Jacksons flower power, root boost, pest control, lawn magic and plants which we have been using for many years not to mention his useful tips.

Sally Worcester

I fell into gardening during lockdown and our new-build garden has never looked better, after only one application of Lawn Magic the lawns are lush and green. Garden novice and completely converted. All your products are really helping me transform my garden and create a real obsession. Thank you. 

Karen Gardner

My Dad uses Lawn Magic all year round to keep our lawn in perfect condition. As we live in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland our weather is not great, with very low temperatures, sometimes 100 miles per hour gales and most days we have rain. However with your products we have a beautiful garden.

Margaret O’Brien

As a professional landscape gardener, one of the most common questions we receive form our clients is how to revive a tiered lawn or how best to keep their newly laid lawn looking lush and green all year round. The easiest way to answer both these questions is to recommend Lawn Magic to our clients. Its ease of use and incredible results mean our clients' lawns will look lush and vibrant all year long. I genuinely wouldn't recommend anything else.

Tommy Cross

I used Richard Jackson's Lawn Magic on our lawn. It has had 2 applications this year and is looking so full and green. It's looking the best it ever has! We are really pleased with the results. Five stars to Richard for inventing a great product.

Jan Garner

Please note our happy lawn. It says a big 'thankyou' to Lawn Magic! So do we!

Joan Foard

Every year Lawn Magic never ceases to amaze me … my lawn must be over 20+ yrs and it’s the greenest in the neighbourhood. Lots of neighbors asking me questions on how I maintain it! 

Adil Rajput

My lawn using lawn magic and flowers all fed with flower power.

Tommy Stewart

This is the results from Richard Jackson Compost, Flower Power, Root Booster and Lawn Magic – great products. Neighbours come and see my garden every year, even in the cold temperatures of Inverness.

Tommy Stewart

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