Premium Wetting Agent



  • Helps make watering easier
  • Soil and compost retains up to 80% more water
  • Makes nutrients more readily available
  • Perfect for hot summers
  • Great for baskets, pots, lawns and more
  • Use only once every 30 days
  • This 500ml bottle makes up to 200 litres

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Product Description

Tried, Tested & Trusted

A professional gardener first tipped me off about the benefits of wetting agents. I was talking to her about the problems of hanging baskets being difficult to re-water once they had got a bit dry and she said that the simple solution was to use a wetting agent. I tried one, and the effect is remarkable.

Make Water Wetter!

Wetting agent seems to make water wetter and much more easily absorbed by dry soil and compost. It works in seconds and the effect lasts for around 30 days! You still water and feed your plants in this period, but the water (and nutrients) are more readily absorbed. In an independent trial, the wetting agent was shown to help soil and compost retain up to 80% more water.

Use anywhere in your garden

So you use less water, don’t have to water as often and your plants grow better. No wonder the professionals love wetting agents so much, and they use them on sloping sites, lawns, as well as pots and baskets. Anywhere they want to make summer watering easier.

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