Flower Power Liquid Plant Food


Now it’s even easier to get those spectacular Flower Power results with our Flower Power Liquid Plant Food.

Our very special, professionally proven formula is packed with those extra high potash nutrients to help you grow more flowers as well as bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables.

The results you’d expect from soluble Flower Power, but now in a liquid so it’s even easier to use! This 500ml bottle makes 100 litres of diluted feed.


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Flower Power Liquid Plant Food 500ml
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Product Description

  • Contains all the main plant nutrients
  • Also contains bio-stimulants for strong, healthy growth
  • Produces exceptional results
  • Contains essential trace elements/micronutrients
  • Makes 100 litres of diluted feed

Not all plant foods are the same! My new and improved formula for Flower Power Premium Liquid Plant Food is based on a formula used and trusted by professional plant growers to grow more flowers, as well as bigger and better tasting crops of fruit and vegetables. will ensure you get superb results from all your plants, including lots more flowers on bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and roses.

As you’d expect from Flower Power, it contains all the essential plant nutrients for strong, healthy growth plus extra high levels of potash – the nutrient responsible for better flowering and fruiting – and produces exceptional results. But that’s not all. It is also enriched with bio-stimulant amino acids for strong, healthy growth, humic acid (from humus) to improve nutrient uptake from the soil or compost, fulvic acids to encourage natural growth as well as chelated trace elements to maximise nutrient absorption. So it really is very special and contains everything your plants need to put on a spectacular display or produce bumper crops.

Feed your plants with Flower Power Premium Liquid Plant Food once every two weeks from March to May, when plants are growing. Then from June to September, feed twice a week. For top yields with greenhouse tomatoes, feed three times a week after the first truss has set. Can also be used in winter to boost winter-flowering plants.

Flower Power Premium Liquid Plant Food can be used to get young seedlings and plug plants off to a flying start, prior to potting on, at half the normal strength.

Flower Power Premium Liquid Plant Food can also be used in a hose end sprayer to make feeding quick and easy.

The 500ml bottle makes 100 litres of diluted feed.

NPK 3-3-8 plus trace elements.

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