Aquamix 1.25l Hose End Sprayer – Fertilisers


The Aquamix Fertiliser Applicator is a quick and easy way to feed your garden with a hosepipe when using liquid fertilisers, such as Flower Power Premium Plant Food.

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Product Description

  • Robust and easy to use
  • Works at water pressures of 1.5-5 bars
  • Use with any standard garden hosepipe
  • Not suitable for use with nematodes

Plants that need regular feeding need regular applications of a liquid fertiliser, such as my Flower Power Premium Plant Food, from March to September. This means feeding them every two to three weeks and dissolving or diluting the feed in a watering can. This can be very time consuming and tiring, especially if you have a lot of plants to feed and especially those in hanging baskets.

The Aquamix Fertiliser Applicator is a quick and easy way to feed. Simply attach this hose-end feeder to your hosepipe using any standard snap-fit hose-end connector (Hozelock, Gardena, Claber etc). When the tap is turned on, it automatically dilutes the fertiliser and applies it at the correct rate. It’s also very flexible, as you can select from four different mixing ratios – 0.2%, 0.5%, 1% and 2%.

It can also be used just for watering your garden – the neutral position doesn’t add the feed to the water.

It works at water pressures between a minimum of 1.5 bars and a maximum of 5 bars, and provides an application rate of 14-litres/minute at 4 bars.

The Aquamix Fertiliser Applicator is robust, handy, maintenance free and easy to clean after use.

How to use

Birchmeier Aquamix Fertiliser Applicator. How to use with Richard Jackson products.

Flower Power Premium Plant Food soluble granules:

Completely dissolve four scoops of Flower Power granules in 300ml of warm water. The capacity of the bottle is 1.25-litres, but we would only recommend a maximum fill of 900ml. So eight scoops in 600ml, 12 scoops in 900ml.

Make sure the granules are fully dissolved, filtering the liquid through a fine-gauge tea strainer to remove any undissolved particles.

Add the concentrated feed to the bottle and set the dilution rate to 2%.

300ml of concentrated feed will make up to 18-litres of diluted feed.

Lawn Magic:

Pour the Lawn Magic concentrate into the bottle, up to a maximum of 900ml.

Set the dilution rate to 2%.

Each 100ml of concentrated Lawn Magic will treat approximately 10sqm of lawn.