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Flower Power Premium Natural Fertiliser is the perfect way to feed your garden plants as well as gently improving the soil at the same time.

This 5kg bag can treat up to 200sqm (240sq yd) of soil.


Use from early spring to mid-autumn when plants are growing. Can also be used in winter to boost winter-flowering plants.

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Richard Jackson Premium Natural Fertiliser 5kg
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Product Description

  • Natural plant feed and soil improver
  • Long-lasting feed
  • Based on poultry manure with extra added essential nutrients
  • Use throughout the garden
  • Contains added mycorrhizal fungi
  • 5kg bag – treats up to 200sq m (240sq yd)

If you want to feed your garden plants the natural way, as well as improving the soil they’re growing in at the same time, then my Flower Power Premium Natural Fertiliser is the perfect answer. It is now even better than before.

It is based on a special formula used and trusted by professional gardeners and horticulturists. It is a blend of natural poultry manure, but unlike other similar products, this is combined with natural plant foods. It is further enriched with natural trace elements, essential for healthy plant growth, extra potash, the essential plant nutrient for bumper, quality flowers, fruit and vegetables, and natural magnesium for strong, healthy deep green leaves.

Plus, we have now added natural seaweed, which improves plant growth even further and improves poor soils, natural humates for better nutrient uptake and healthier soil, as well as natural mycorrhizal fungi, which are essential for strong root growth and bigger, better plants. It’s the complete plant and soil improver!

You can use Flower Power Premium Natural Fertiliser throughout the garden. It’s perfect when planting, for feeding flower beds and borders and vegetable plots and even when creating a new lawn. Being based on natural materials, it is long lasting and will feed your plants and soil for up to six weeks.

Each 5kg bag can treat up to 200sq m (240sq yd) of soil.

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