Patch Fix


Transform patches in your lawn quickly and easily with Patch Fix – my top performing grass seed and booster feed in one!

  • Top performing grass seed
  • FIVE times more seed than other products
  • Germinates fast and grows quickly
  • NO cheap fillers
  • Special blend of fertiliser
  • Added fine-leaved perennial ryegrass
  • This 600g box treats up to 75 patches (up to 45cm wide)

The best time to sow is when the soil temperature is between 10°C and 18°C which is normally between late March to the end of May or September to mid October.


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Richard Jackson Patch Fix
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Product Description

Most other patch products have up to 10% seed, we’ve FIVE times more, which means fuller patches, faster! And the rest of their pack is cheap filler, the rest of ours is a booster feed.

Brown and bare patches in your lawn can be caused by a variety of reasons including pets, kids, moss or scalping when mowing too low. Here’s the quick and easy way to transform them!

My proven blend of top performing grass seed mixed with fast acting fertiliser is quick to germinate and will help fill those patches fast. Remarkably, as I’m using a very special type of grass seed, the patches, when established, are strong enough to be resistant to most dog urine.

Patch fix contains a special blend of fertiliser and fine leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass. It can also be used on lawns that get lots of wear and tear, and it is also ideal for over seeding (revitalising existing tired or threadbare lawns) as well as starting a new lawn from scratch.

When to sow:

The best time to use Patch Fix is when the soil temperature is between 10°C and 18°C. This is normally between late March to the end of May or September through to mid October. Ideally, the weather conditions should be mild and frost free.

How to sow:

  1. Rake the patch, remove any dead grass, loosen the soil with a fork and give the patch a thorough soaking with water.
  2. Shake the carton well to mix the seed with the fertiliser and, using the built in applicator, scatter the seed evenly at 50g/m2. Rake lightly and firm the seed in by treading gently. Water regularly with a fine spray, daily in warmer conditions.
  3. In perfect conditions, new grass will start to appear within 7 days, although it will take up to 14 days in cooler weather. Let it establish then cut it at a height of 5cm to 8 cm, making sure you only remove around one third of the new growth.
  4. When established, for the very best results, start to feed your lawn regularly with Lawn Magic.

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