Hose End Sprayer

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This special Hose End Feeder makes applying Lawn Magic even easier (and you can use it with Flower Power Plant Food too).

There’s no need to use a watering can, simply pour the Lawn Magic into the feeder, attach to your hosepipe and the feeder automatically dilutes it as you water. Unlike many other sprayers, which have very inaccurate and constantly varying dilution rates, this cleverly dilutes at the correct rate all the time you use it!

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Lawn magic works best in moist soil. See usage instructions below for more information on how to use during hot weather/heatwaves or periods of prolonged dry weather.

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Hose end sprayer with 1L Lawn Magic
Hose End Sprayer £14.99 Original price was: £14.99.£12.99Current price is: £12.99.

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Product Description

This makes watering cans a thing of the past. Simply pour the Lawn Magic or Liquid Flower Power Plant Food into the feeder, adjust the settings, attach the hosepipe, pull the trigger, and happy feeding. It’s great with soluble Flower Power too, just dissolve the granules in water and pour the liquid concentrate into the feeder.

During hot weather/heatwaves or periods of prolonged dry weather: Give your lawn a good soaking before applying Lawn Magic. If brown patches appear during drought, it’s most likely due to soil hardening. Spike the patches with a fork, water on a wetting agent and then water thoroughly before appling Lawn Magic.

Using the Hose End Sprayer


When your lawn is very dry or hard, it is best to water the lawn thoroughly before applying your Lawn Magic to allow the product to permeate to the roots rather than sit just below the surface.

Occasionally, you should spike/fork the lawn to ensure air can get to the roots, at least in early Spring and Midsummer.

The hose end fitting on the sprayer will fit most hose fittings such as Hozelock, Gardena etc. but those fittings do not last forever and if there is leakage, it is most likely the fittings on your hose pipe.

The sprayer can be used just to water the garden by turning the white knob to the horizontal position (on) and leaving the blue knob in the (vertical) position off. In periods of very dry weather it is a good idea to water the lawn or plants first using the water only knob then using the feed knob.

Lawn Magic Application

Fill the bottle to the 600ml mark with Lawn Magic and attach the hose.

Roughly measure out your lawn/s by taking good paces across the lawn then good paces down the lawn then multiplying the 2 numbers eg 5 paces x 4 paces =approx. 20 square metres – you need to get 100mls of Lawn Magic onto every 10 square metres of lawn therefore if your lawn is 10 square metres, just water the product on to the lawn ensuring even coverage until 100mls of product has left the bottle. Similarly if your lawn is 50 square metres you will water evenly until only 100mls is left in the bottom of the spray bottle.

Remember that the feed will not run below the 100ml mark so filling the bottle to 600mls means that you will be able to feed 50 square metres with 100 mls approx remaining in the spray bottle.

The spray will come out in a fan approx. 8ft long and 2ft wide. Spray each section of lawn in a sweeping motion.

Use approximately every 4/6 weeks.

Flower Power Plant Food Application

Completely dissolve 4 scoops of Flower Power Plant Food in 300ml of warm water and pour this through a tea-strainer to remove any small pieces that may not have dissolved (otherwise they could block the sprayer). Pour the filtered liquid into the hose-end feeder bottle, attach the hosepipe and the feeder will automatically be diluted at the correct rate as you water. 300ml of the concentrate liquid will make up to 18 litres of diluted Flower Power.

Liquid Flower Power Plant Food Application

Simply add a mix of 50% of the Flower Power liquid concentrate with 50% water. The feeder will the dilute at the correct rate as you water. This will make up 30 litres of diluted Flower Power. 

Customer Images

Here is my back garden. I use Lawn Magic and I am so pleased with the results. I love your products. Everyone asks how I get my lawn so good. Thank you.

Susan Diamond

I use all Richard Jackson products and have been telling everyone how effective they are. The lawn was only put down last year and had scaffold and bricks over it during building works so I used the lawn magic a couple of times and it’s very strong and lush green and all the yellow bits green again.

Marie Privett

Our garden. Just a small peak of part of it and all helped along thanks to Richard Jacksons flower power, root boost, pest control, lawn magic and plants which we have been using for many years not to mention his useful tips.

Sally Worcester

I fell into gardening during lockdown and our new-build garden has never looked better, after only one application of Lawn Magic the lawns are lush and green. Garden novice and completely converted. All your products are really helping me transform my garden and create a real obsession. Thank you. 

Karen Gardner

My Dad uses Lawn Magic all year round to keep our lawn in perfect condition. As we live in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland our weather is not great, with very low temperatures, sometimes 100 miles per hour gales and most days we have rain. However with your products we have a beautiful garden.

Margaret O’Brien

As a professional landscape gardener, one of the most common questions we receive form our clients is how to revive a tiered lawn or how best to keep their newly laid lawn looking lush and green all year round. The easiest way to answer both these questions is to recommend Lawn Magic to our clients. Its ease of use and incredible results mean our clients' lawns will look lush and vibrant all year long. I genuinely wouldn't recommend anything else.

Tommy Cross

I used Richard Jackson's Lawn Magic on our lawn. It has had 2 applications this year and is looking so full and green. It's looking the best it ever has! We are really pleased with the results. Five stars to Richard for inventing a great product.

Jan Garner

Please note our happy lawn. It says a big 'thankyou' to Lawn Magic! So do we!

Joan Foard

Every year Lawn Magic never ceases to amaze me … my lawn must be over 20+ yrs and it’s the greenest in the neighbourhood. Lots of neighbors asking me questions on how I maintain it! 

Adil Rajput

My lawn using lawn magic and flowers all fed with flower power.

Tommy Stewart
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