Triple Use Grass Seed


This top performing grass seed mix is produced for me by the world experts. It’s great for new lawns, patching gaps and for transforming tired lawns.

  • Fast growing and hard wearing. So it’s perfect for all purposes.
  • Special coating helps faster germination. It’s the one the professionals ask for!
  • The best all round mix you can buy.
  • A 650g pack contains enough seed to sow 18.5 sq metres.

The best time to sow is when the soil temperature is between 10°C and 18°C which is normally between late March to the end of May or September to mid October.


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Product Description

Before I launched my grass seed, I talked to the world’s leading producer about what I wanted, and then I visited their trial grounds. I was amazed to see how badly some top selling types of grass seed performed when judged on their appearance, wear and tear, disease and drought tolerance, and long-term performance. We then put together my ideal mix, as the only grass seed you’ll need, whether you’re sowing a new lawn from scratch, patching any gaps, or simply giving an old lawn a new lease of life. This special mix does it all, and I’ve been delighted with the results in my garden.

  • Sowing new lawns. This pack contains enough seed to sow 18.5 sq metres. The best time to sow is March/May or towards the end of September.
  • Patching gaps. The best time to patch your lawn is March/May or the autumn. You can also use my new Patch Fix which is specially developed for filling in gaps in your lawn.
  • Transforming tired lawns. It’s amazing what a sprinkling of fresh grass seed can make to a tired old lawn. It can give any lawn a new lease of life. It’s called over-seeding by the professionals, and they do it regularly. I like to treat mine in the spring or the autumn, and once the seed has germinated, I water on some diluted Lawn Magic. It makes an amazing difference!
  • Contains fine leaved dwarf perennial rye grass and a mix of red fescues. Seed includes tetraploid varieties.

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