Attracting Garden Pollinators by Jean Vernon

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Attracting Garden Pollinators is a brilliant new book, written by our very own Jean Vernon (Jeanie Bee!). It is fascinating, informative and lavishly illustrated with delightful photos.

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Attracting Garden Pollinators book by Jean Vernon
Attracting Garden Pollinators by Jean Vernon £25.00 Original price was: £25.00.£20.00Current price is: £20.00.

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  • Delightful hardback book
  • Full of useful information
  • Informative
  • Lavishly illustrated
  • An essential guide for all those with a garden

Pollinators play an essential part in the life of our gardens – and in worldwide food production. Most of us probably know that many of them, including many types of bees, are in serious trouble and their numbers are declining. And our gardens can help enormously in the survival of many of them.

Attracting Garden Pollinators is a friendly, accessible, information packed guide to gardening for, and with, pollinators. Our gardens represent a vast, varied ‘nature reserve’ packed with plants rich in nectar and pollen to sustain these delicate insects. This book explores the role that pollinators play and how gardeners and all people with gardens can do something to help attract and support them and help with their survival.

Attracting Garden Pollinators includes details on butterflies – and their caterpillars, with information on which plants to grow for them) to insects you may not appreciate are useful pollinators, including moths, wasps, beetles, flies and hornets. Of course, it details everything you need to know about those pollinators that most of us probably think we already know about – honeybees, bumblebees and hoverflies.

This book provides an insight into their fragile existence, their lifecycles, the vital role they play in the food chain and the natural cycle and the joy they can bring to everyone with a garden.

Jean Vernon (Jeanie Bee!) is the Editor-In-Chief for the Richard Jackson Garden website and is also the best-selling author of The Secret Lives of Garden Bees.

Attracting Garden Pollinators is written by Jean Vernon and published by White Owl (ISBN: 9781526711908)

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