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The Flo Bird Food Scoop is the perfect accessory for ensuring easy, no-spill refilling of bird feeders. Simply seal it with the handy slider, fill up the scoop with bird food and carry to your feeders.

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Product Description

Flo Bird Food Scoop
  • Simple and easy to use scoop for wild bird feeds – and much more
  • Smart one-handed operation
  • Large capacity – 0.9 litres/1kg
  • Perfect for use with my Premium High Energy Bird Food

The Flo Bird Food Scoop is a brilliant accessory for all those who feed garden birds. It is the simple, easy to use and convenient way to carry bird seed from your bulk bags to your feeders without spilling any seeds and wasting them. Just dip it into the bag, fill with your favourite wild bird food – such as my extremely popular Premium High Energy Bird Food – and carry to your feeders. Open the bottom end with the handy slider, which is an easy one-handed operation, and fill your feeders – the seeds will funnel out of the bottom.

The Flo Bird Food Scoop is a great device for anyone with bird feeders, especially those with multiple feeders in the garden. It does away with the hassle of carrying your feeders backwards and forwards and one scoop can fill multiple feeders, thanks to its large 0.9 litres/1kg capacity. The Flo Bird Food Scoop is made from durable plastic that won’t break if dropped and is simple to clean.

Although designed to make carrying bird seed easier and reducing waste, we’re sure you could find lots more ways to use it. Buy a second one for transporting granular fertilisers, for instance, or use it for feeding dry food to small pets, like hamsters.

Size: Overall length 29cm, scoop 13×10.5cm, handle length 10.5cm.

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