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Five great biennials from seed

A biennial is a plant that flowers the year after they are sown, and there are some really great types that you can grow.

Clematis 'Guernsey Flute'

Five new plants from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Plant addicts really got a treat at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower show. The hotly contested RHS Plant of the Year 2024 competition had some fabulous new plants on the shortlist.

Salvia Blue Marvel

What’s so great about garden perennials?

Garden perennials are the secret ingredient that every garden needs. They are great value for money, they bulk up year on year and if you choose well, they will fill your garden with colour and wonder all season.

Pink roses

Enrich your garden with roses

These cherished blooms are an essential addition to every garden. Plant ravishing roses, says Debi Holland.

Lenten Rose or Helleborus Orientalis

Grow garden hellebores

Hellebores truly are the winter wonders of the garden. These beautiful plants have stunning winter flowers and are a beacon of hope in the coldest months of the year.

Silver birch trees in winter

White winter wonderland

You don’t need to wait for some frost or snow to add some white magic to your garden, Jean Vernon has plenty of ideas.

peonies growing in a garden

Grow perfect peonies

Peonies are the must-have flower of the summer. Create the wow-factor in your garden with these fabulous, flamboyant flowers.

Venus fly trap houseplant

Five spooky houseplants

Add some creepy chills to your Halloween with Debi Holland’s guide to five spooky houseplants.

Lilac shrub in flower

How to rejuvenate shrubs

Shrubs are the backbone of our gardens but left to their own devices many will outgrow their allotted space or become lanky and flower poorly. Martyn Cox guides you on how to give even the most overgrown shrub a new lease of life.

Can I plant bulbs for the summer?

With spring well underway, it’s time to plan and plant for the summer. Debi Holland chooses her five favourite summer bulbs and offers her tips and advice along the way

Lady of Shallot rose bred by David Austin Roses

Growing roses

Rose expert, Michael Marriott from David Austin Roses, offers his advice to getting the best from your your roses and picks five all-time favourites.

Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers all around your garden with simply stunning results.

Which annuals should I grow?

Debi Holland shares her love of garden annuals and suggests five fabulous annuals to grow in your garden

A potbound plant at Driftwood Garden

Repot or Not?

How do you know if your plants need repotting? Container gardening guru, Geoff Stonebanks unravels the mystery of repotting.

salmon pink pelargonium zonale flowers

Top 10 plants for beginners

Martyn Cox guides you through ten of his (almost) foolproof favourite plants for beginner gardeners.

Lithops in flower

Five favourite houseplants

Over the last few years houseplants have seen an upsurge in popularity and for good reason; having plants around us makes us feel good. Debi Holland takes us through her five favourite houseplants.

Plant partners for roses

Rose expert Michael Marriott suggests some perfect companion plants for garden roses. Enhance your garden roses with the beauty of other flowering plants.

Colourful antirrhinums

Can I grow cut flowers from seed?

It’s very easy to grow cut flowers from seed. If you’d like a steady supply of fresh flowers for the house and you have a garden, why not grow some cut flowers from seed?

espalier fruit

Living edges

Not every garden boundary needs a fence or a trellis to delineate it. Sometimes you can use plants to create a soft screen between garden areas

Fuchsia Pink Temptation at Driftwood

Gardening with containers

Award winning garden designer, Geoff Stonebanks, shares some of the secrets of his successful garden containers.

hepatica nobilis

Spring-flowering woodland plants

Tamsin Westhorpe is on a mission to encourage gardeners to invest in some of her favourite February flowering, low growing plants.

Bare root plant

Plant rescue

If you know what you are doing, you can save money by buying and planting in winter, says Geoff Hodge

Mahonia 'Charity'

Create some garden winter WOW now

Small is beautiful for late winter wonder and early spring colour in your garden, says Geoff Hodge.


Know your onions

Get adventurous with your onions this year and try growing some unusual varieties from seed. Vicki Cooke, the former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, shows you how.

pruning roses

Pruning roses

Find out the best way to prune your bush, shrub and climbing roses with rose pruning advice from Michael Marriott of David Austin Roses.


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