woman watering the garden

Garden watering tips

Watering the garden is an essential job over summer. Here are a few tips to get the most out of watering and save money on the water meter.

goldfinch stood on edge of bird bath

How to provide safe water for the birds

As a nation we love feeding the birds. But it’s just as important to ensure they have a safe and reliable source of fresh water says Jean Vernon.

woman harvesting spinach

Summer GYO advice

Martyn Cox shares his advice for peak summer Grow Your Own success to keep your plot productive.

basil pesto with greek basil

Does all basil taste the same?

Vicki Cooke explores the virtues of The king of herbs – basil and offers some expert advice regarding taste and flavour

Can I plant bulbs for the summer?

With spring well underway, it’s time to plan and plant for the summer. Debi Holland chooses her five favourite summer bulbs and offers her tips and advice along the way

Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers all around your garden with simply stunning results.

Metal plant labels

What’s the best way to label garden plants?

After years of experimenting with different plant labelling techniques, Tamsin Westhorpe shares her views on how to keep track of specimens in the garden.

Woman hand weeding

How to tackle garden weeds

Love it or hate it, weeding the garden is something that needs to be done. Martyn Cox shares his hard earned experience in his new series for beginners.

Plant partners for roses

Rose expert Michael Marriott suggests some perfect companion plants for garden roses. Enhance your garden roses with the beauty of other flowering plants.

earth worm

Wonderful worms

Where would we be without worms? These soil dwelling creatures are responsible for soil health in our gardens. Without these wiggling creatures our soil would be compacted, starved of oxygen and probably waterlogged.

Coffee, biscuits and flowers on a table

Make a date with your garden

Morning coffee is a simple way to get to know your garden. So next time you put the kettle on, take a seat outside and have a look around your garden. Who knows what you’ll see?

sowing broad beans

Grow broad beans

Broad beans are an easy vegetable to grow and much more robust than French or runner beans. Why not give them a go in your garden this year?

How can I make gardening a bit easier?

When the aches and pains limit your gardening, it can be disheartening. Debi Holland offers advice on how to keep yourself gardening when faced with restricted mobility


Know your onions

Get adventurous with your onions this year and try growing some unusual varieties from seed. Vicki Cooke, the former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, shows you how.

pruning roses

Pruning roses

Find out the best way to prune your bush, shrub and climbing roses with rose pruning advice from Michael Marriott of David Austin Roses.

Forcing rhubarb with terracotta pots

Growing rhubarb

One of the easiest fruit you can grow in your garden is rhubarb. Vicki Cooke raises the humble rhubarb to gourmet status.

blackbird eating berries from common ivy

Berries for birds

Grow some plants in the garden that bear berries to help birds through the winter. Pyracantha, ivy, holly and cotoneaster are all good choices.

pink cyclamen houseplant

Christmas houseplants

The shops are brimming with some beautiful Christmas houseplants at the moment – but some are better than others. Here’s how to get the pick of the pots.

Summer bulbs for planting in spring

Getting ready for spring

It may be cold, wet, miserable and depressing outside but there’s still lots you can do outdoors to get your garden ready for spring.

waxwing eating red berries

Winter bird care

The garden is still rich in autumn fruit, seeds, nuts and berries and also insects, but competition is fierce. Here are 5 ways to help the birds over winter.

Pennisetum Dark Desire

Five great winter grasses

Grass expert Neil Lucas suggests some fabulous grasses to turn your garden into a winter wonderland.

Carex testacea

Five great grasses for containers

You don’t need a grass garden to appreciate the beauty of these useful plants, says Neil Lucas of Knoll Gardens.

Prunus serrula

Trees for winter bark

Create some winter structure with beautiful bark and stems. Andy McIndoe reveals his favourite winter trees, including Prunus serrula, Cornus alba & Betula.

fallen autumn leaves with rake

What do I do about autumn leaves?

Whatever your feelings about the autumn tidy up, there is one job that does need getting on with – clearing away all those fallen autumn leaves.

Quince fruit

What can you do with quinces?

Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace Vicki Cooke explores the history and uses of the fascinating quince


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