Coffee, biscuits and flowers on a table

Make a date with your garden

Sometimes appreciating what you have got isn’t easy. You can sit down and make lists and think things through without actually living the reality. If your garden is a place reserved for summer, or a playground for the kids, or just that space outside, it’s time to take a closer look. You’ve almost certainly already met the garden but if you haven’t spent much time outside, maybe you haven’t yet worked out the best place to sit and absorb some morning sunshine.

Sitting pretty

Come outside for half an hour. Just a little time to get to know what it has to offer and you’ll soon be in love. If you don’t have anywhere outside to sit, then pull up a chair from the kitchen. It doesn’t need to be outside all day; just an hour or so while you get to know your outdoor space. So, while the kettle’s on, find your chair and look for a nice place to put it. Find a spot that’s level, where you have a view of something pleasant, preferably in the morning sun. It might be a view of your home or an odd angle across your garden, focusing on a planter, pot or even a tree. If you’ve got a balcony you could have an amazing birds eye view of the street below, or if you have a small terrace you may face a fence or a wall. Vertical surfaces have huge potential and can expand your garden area vastly. They may be bare and bland now, but they have great potential. So put your chair in place. Find something to perch your coffee on, grab a cushion and make that coffee.

Holiday feel

There’s something extremely indulgent about the simple act of some precious time outside. It’s a bit like being on holiday, probably the only other time you ever have coffee on the terrace. So that feeling of being relaxed, indulged and maybe being just a little bit extravagant is already associated with your outdoor space. Great. Make sure your morning brew is as special as it can be, add a guilty secret; some shortbread, a warm croissant, or a choccy biscuit. You are now ready to meet your outdoor date. Don’t be shy. Open the door, bring your props with you and settle into your chair and enjoy.

Moments of inspiration

You should have already noticed bits of the garden that are looking good or have potential to look nice, these should now be facing you. As you sip your rich and fragrant brew, look around a little more and notice what else surrounds you. Once you’ve decided on the best place for your seat, give some thought to a more permanent seat that you can place outside. If the chair is already in place you are more likely to pop out with your coffee and start to appreciate the positive vibes from the garden.

Now take stock of the immediate area. Can you brighten things up a little and add a planter? Spring is such a vibrant time of year. Even a tiny vase of spring flowers, a pretty cushion and a tray will create a wonderful, instant lift. Each of these positive extras reinforces that holiday indulgent feeling and firms the bond forming between you and your garden. It’s the start of a whole new love affair. The garden, terrace, or balcony is an extra room outside. Whether you own your own home, rent your space, or just have a room somewhere, this outdoor space can add a huge new dimension to your life. It’s the holiday feeling just outside your door. Morning coffee is a simple way to get to know your outdoor space. Make it a regular occasion and in between spend a little time making your special space somewhere that you want to spend some more of your valuable time.

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