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Grow garden hellebores

Hellebores truly are the winter wonders of the garden. These beautiful plants have stunning winter flowers and are a beacon of hope in the coldest months of the year.

Inspiration, Plants

White winter wonderland

You don’t need to wait for some frost or snow to add some white magic to your garden, Jean Vernon has plenty of ideas.


Grow perfect peonies

Peonies are the must-have flower of the summer. Create the wow-factor in your garden with these fabulous, flamboyant flowers.


Herb cordials

Summer cordials are all the rage for pepping up your G&T or assuaging a summer thirst. Experiment with this basic herb cordial recipe and make it yours.


Butterflies and caterpillars

As a gardener there are a few garden ‘pests’ that can wreak havoc on our plants such as caterpillars. But before you reach for that insecticide take a few moments to really think about what...


Rose petal jam

Preserve the fragrance of summer with this delicious recipe for rose petal jam. It captures the very essence of roses and lifts the spirits in winter.


Leafcutter bee

Leafcutter bees may leave unsightly holes in leaves as they cut small semi-circles to seal in their eggs; but these excellent pollinators are a true gardener’s friend.


Five common garden bees

It’s World Bee Day this coming weekend (May 20th 2023) so it’s the perfect time to tell you a bit more about some of your garden bees.

Grow your own

Fruit for free

With the price of everything going up in the shops, growing your own has never been so relevant. It’s a bit like dig for victory, though this time it’s more like dig for survival.


Gardening for pollinators

Do you want to help the bees, encourage butterflies and harness the power of nature? It’s time to really think about how you can help pollinators, says Jean Vernon.


Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers...

1 - 30 of 880 features

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