Organic Health Care Kit

Organic Garden Health Kit

If you want to keep control of some of the worst garden pests, but you prefer to use products that are kinder to wildlife and the environment, then this Easter’s TSV on QVC is the kit for you.

Organic Health Care Kit
Everything you need to control garden pests naturally

Fresh from Richard Jackson’s personally approved range of great garden products, the Organic Garden Health Kit contains everything you need to control garden pests organically and there are two brand new products that you can’t buy anywhere else; Ant Control Granules and Pest Control Concentrate. The kit also contains a new and improved Precision Sprayer to apply the Pest Control Concentrate and Richard Jackson’s Slug & Snail Control Advanced Formula, that is tried, tested and trusted by thousands of QVC customers.

It’s a great value pack, on offer on Easter Sunday and every product is approved for organic gardening. With this kit you can easily deal with many of the most common garden pests and spend your precious time enjoying your garden instead.

Slug & Snail Control

Don’t let slugs and snails feast on your garden plants. Seedlings, emerging perennials and leafy vegetables are the favourite foods of these voracious garden pests. When you want a slug and snail control that’s suitable for using around pets, wildlife and children, Richard Jackson has got the perfect answer, his own, approved and organic Slug & Snail Control and it’s part of this Easter’s Organic Health Care Kit.

This is the advanced formula in a large 1.2kg pack. They are easy to use in your garden and are extra rain resistant so they don’t need replacing as frequently. You can use them around flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables to protect against slugs. RichardJackson’s Slug & Snail control is based in on naturally occurring ferric phosphate so any edible crops can be harvested immediately after application if required and you don’t have to worry about harvest intervals or residues.

Slugs and snails are attracted away from plants to eat the pellets. They stop feeding on your plants and disappear underground to die, so there are no ugly slime trails or dead slugs or snails left on the soil.

If any pellets aren’t eaten, they will eventually break down, producing nutrients, which feed the plants. The 1.2kg pack will treat up to 240 square metres.

Ant Granules

Don’t let ants spoil your summer. Richard Jackson’s Ant Control Granules will keep them under control naturally so that you can enjoy your garden ant free. Designed to be used outside on paths, patios and terraces they can be used as granules to attract and poison the ants, or you can dilute the granules into a liquid and pour it into ant nests. One pack will treat 20 square meters in granule form, or up to 16 nests when diluted. The granules contain pyrethrin and are certified for organic use by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G).

Pest Control Concentrate

Organic Garden Health Care Kit
Keep on top of common garden pests with Richard Jackson’s Organic Health Care Kit

As the weather warms up, some garden pests can multiply exponentially creating a bit of a problem. Get to grips with some of the common garden pests with an organic solution. The Richard Jackson’s Pest Control Concentrate is a brand new, organic contact insecticide designed to control a range of plant pests including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, caterpillars and the dreaded lily beetle. It works on contact with the pest so it won’t linger around and affect our precious pollinators, but it will deal with a range of adult, larval and some egg stages of pests. It’s an oil-based formulation, with pyrethrin and is certified for organic use by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G).

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