Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

Creating autumnal garden hues

Geoff Stonebanks gives an insight into the autumnal hues at his award winning garden Driftwood Garden

Easy Savoury Summer Treats

Every summer Geoff Stonebanks bakes lots of different cakes, sweet and savoury for his open garden, to raise money for charity.
Two of the most popular savoury treats that Geoff makes for his garden visitors over recent years are his ricotta cheesecake and his savoury muffins. Here he shares his recipes.

Which bulbs are good for pots?

Geoff Stonebanks share’s his advice for planting bulbs in pots and containers

How to really enjoy your garden

Geoff Stonebanks learns ways to enjoy his garden in lockdown and offers his hard earned advice. In a ‘normal’  year, Geoff Stonebanks opens his summer garden to hundreds of visitors, offering copious refreshments including tea, cakes and even lunch and afternoon teas. This year, the garden has been closed, giving Geoff a time to stand back and take stock.

How can I make more of walls and fences?

Geoff Stonebanks helps you to consider the value of your fences, trellis and walls as valuable vertical surfaces to train your plants?

Sweet treats for garden visitors

Make a high tea for a special friend, or bake a cake for a birthday, Geoff Stonebanks shares two of his most popular open garden day recipes

What is RootBooster and does it work?

Already a fan of Flower Power, Geoff Stonebanks takes a look at RootBooster and its benefits for his container based garden.

Does Flower Power Plant Food really work?

Award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks reveals his most asked visitor question and explains why, for him, Flower Power has become indispensable.

How can I use colour creatively in the garden?

Geoff Stonebanks is an instant gardener, because he wants the area he is creating or changing to look like the image he has in his head, instantly

Garden highlights of a decade at Driftwood

As we enter the 2020’s, we reveal some of Geoff Stonebanks gardening highlights over the last 10 years and take a look at some of his aspirations for the coming decade!

How can I use containers creatively in the garden?

Plants in pots and containers make up parts of most gardens, but they can be used to plant larger areas too, giving you lots of options in terms of plant choice and design.

How do I water container plants?

As a complete novice, as I was back in 2009 when I began gardening, I suppose the one thing I did not think of when creating a garden with so many containers, is the impact the watering would have. If we have many more summers like 2018 I’ll probably have to rethink my garden design. […]

Tips for growing in containers

You can learn a lot from a garden that consists of over 250 pots and containers and wins awards, Geoff Stonebanks offers his hard earned tips

Spring bulbs in containers Driftwood

Create a crescendo of colour in your pots and containers, says award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks

Five Fab Sussex Gardens

The rolling Sussex countryside overflows with garden inspiration. Here are five exceptional gardens to explore. Research now and compile your ‘must visit’ garden’s wish list for this season

Can I garden in containers?

Award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks explains why he uses over 250 containers at his Driftwood garden in Sussex and the key benefits of using containers

The Global Garden

Gardens are collections of plants from all over the world, Geoff Stonebanks explains how his garden attracts visitors from all over the globe

What is the Chelsea chop?

Geoff Stonebanks explains the Chelsea chop and some other techniques he uses in his award winning garden

Spring gardening

March certainly hails the start of 12 weeks of hard graft. It’s the calm before the storm and usually the first month when the weather starts to improve.

Don’t get the winter blues

Don’t let the winter blues get the better of you this season, Geoff Stonebanks shares some of his top ways to appreciate your winter garden.


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