Winning with Flower Power – The Flower Power difference

Jean Willis started feeding her plants and garden with Flower Power Plant Food and the results were so amazing that she was approached by a Bournemouth in Bloom Judge to enter, and she won!

Jean uses petunias to create a colourful display. Image: Jean Willis

Jean hasn’t always used Flower Power Plant Food. She discovered it back in 2006 when she saw it on QVC with Richard. “I thought I’d give it a try and I’ve been using it ever since,” she says.

One Feed for everything

One of the major differences that Jean really liked about it was that Flower Power could be used to feed all of her plants. “I used various plant foods before; something for roses, something for annuals, so several different kinds of fertilisers. By the time I’d finished the first bag of Flower Power I’d definitely decided to stick with it. All round it was cheaper than having all the different feeds for different plants. But more importantly because it made such a huge difference with the flowers, I had huge amount of blooms on most of the plants and they also seemed to last a lot longer. Plants that normally finished flowering in August went right through into September, especially the busy Lizzies.”

The Flower Power effect

That summer Jean’s front garden was looking better than ever. “At that point I wasn’t entering my garden into competitions,” explains Jean. “But I did have a lovely display that year and a lady knocked at the door and said that she was from Bournemouth in Bloom, and asked why hadn’t I entered my garden into the competition? I knew nothing about it, but she said she was going to put my name forward and I actually won that year.” Since then Jean has entered regularly and won a variety of awards including the Gold Award again last season and many other prizes.

Jean Willis has won several awards for her Flower Power fed plants and garden. Image: Jean Willis

Container display

In her front garden Jean grows her plants in containers on top of some decking because the soil underneath was so poor. “There are 15 to 20 containers, depending on what I am growing each year. I do have a watering system, which saves a lot of work, and I feed everything with Flower Power. I get through two tubs a year. I usually have a couple of tubs in the cupboard so I don’t run out. I like using the hose end sprayer because it’s a lot easier to use than filling up watering cans. Flower Power has made a huge difference to the amount of blooms I get from each plant and they look a lot healthier than the previous plant food I used to use.”

Flower Power First Aid

Jean contacted Richard when she discovered another amazing thing about Flower Power.

Jean’s hanging baskets were badly destroyed by a hail storm. Image: Jean Willis

“We had a terrific hailstorm in July and it ripped all the flower heads off my plants. It was so bad that I was going to pull everything out to be honest. But instead I decided to feed them. I used my Flower Power of course and fed them two or three times a week. Within a fortnight they had recovered and were flowering again. I sent the pictures to Richard because I couldn’t believe that they had actually recovered in two weeks. It was simply amazing.”

Richard’s Magic

These days Jean let’s everyone into her little secret, but there was a time when she kept her secret weapon hidden.

Jean’s Flower Power fed containers are a riot of colour. Image: Jean Willis

“To start with I used to just smile and keep it to myself,” she admits. “Then I decided that I wanted everyone to experience the pleasure I get from growing flowers too, so now I’ve recommended it to several people. I gave some to my daughter-in-law because she had just started gardening and she loves it too. I’ve won all these awards in Bournemouth in Bloom and I don’t think I would have done without Flower Power to be honest. I always call it Richard’s magic and to me it definitely is.”        

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