Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers all around your garden with simply stunning results.

Which annuals should I grow?

Debi Holland shares her love of garden annuals and suggests five fabulous annuals to grow in your garden

Carex testacea

Five great grasses for containers

You don’t need a grass garden to appreciate the beauty of these useful plants, says Neil Lucas of Knoll Gardens.

fallen autumn leaves with rake

What do I do about autumn leaves?

Whatever your feelings about the autumn tidy up, there is one job that does need getting on with – clearing away all those fallen autumn leaves.

garden chair with small table of books and fire pit

Make the most of your staycation garden

Forget about long distance travel this summer, instead make the most of your garden and use it as the perfect staycation destination says Debi Holland.

Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

Mindfulness for gardeners

If you have access to a garden, you have an open door to reach a little deeper into its offerings and calm you mind, body and spirit, explains Debi Holland

vegetables and flowers in mixed border

Grow attractive edibles

In his Grow-Your-Own feature Martyn Cox recommends plants that look good and taste great.

What’s seasonal in the late summer garden?

Tamsin Westhorpe reminds us why September is a month to savour and celebrate. Late flowering perennials and seasonal fruit take her fancy.

My Flower Power Story

Expert gardener Martin Fish has been working in the garden industry for more than forty years. He has been using Richard’s Flower Power plant food in his garden on a wide range of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Ripening raspberries on the bush

Extending the grow-your-own season

Early September is the time to crack on with harvesting tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and other tender vegetables & fruit that you’ve been growing outside.

What is companion planting?

Some plants offer additional benefits when grown in close proximity with others. Jean Vernon explores

How to really enjoy your garden

Geoff Stonebanks learns ways to enjoy his garden in lockdown and offers his hard earned advice. In a ‘normal’  year, Geoff Stonebanks opens his summer garden to hundreds of visitors, offering copious refreshments including tea, cakes and even lunch and afternoon teas. This year, the garden has been closed, giving Geoff a time to stand back and take stock.

Drought tolerant plants for your garden

If hot weather, dry soil and sunny spells are wreaking havoc in your garden then choose plants that have adapted to hotter and dry conditions.

Does Flower Power Plant Food really work?

Award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks reveals his most asked visitor question and explains why, for him, Flower Power has become indispensable.

My Flower Power Story – Our Magic Potion

Susan and Keith Wells were gifted Flower Power by a grateful neighbour, now they use it in their garden and call it their Magic Potion

My Flower Power story

Flower Power helped us win three garden competitions this season, says award winning garden owners Alex Redfern and Joe Shannon

Five Fab Sussex Gardens

The rolling Sussex countryside overflows with garden inspiration. Here are five exceptional gardens to explore. Research now and compile your ‘must visit’ garden’s wish list for this season

How can I grow crops out of season?

Vicki Cooke, kitchen garden keeper at the Royal Hampton Court Palace, reveals some historical tricks of the trade to force plants into growth out of season

Birds literally flock to my garden

Watching the garden birds is a wonderful way to lift your spirits at any time of year. Michele Green invites us into her garden.

Dennis Amos

My Flower Power Story – Spectacular flowers on a budget

It might be October, but one garden in the West midlands is still a riot of colour thanks to the hard work of Dennis Amos and his garden helpers, plus the unrivalled vigor of his new plant food, Flower Power. New Convert Dennis is the first to admit that he used to use a popular […]


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