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How can I make gardening a bit easier?

When the aches and pains limit your gardening, it can be disheartening. Debi Holland offers advice on how to keep yourself gardening when faced with restricted mobility

Hellebores underplanted with heathers

Plant a winter container

Create some real drama in your garden with a seasonal planter. Just a handful of plants will establish colour and interest for weeks on end.

Carex testacea

Five great grasses for containers

You don’t need a grass garden to appreciate the beauty of these useful plants, says Neil Lucas of Knoll Gardens.

rose in pot

Can I grow roses in containers?

Roses can be grown in large pots and if you are renting, or moving home, it’s a great way of having a mobile garden. Michael Marriott from David Austin Roses shares his top tips.

Stachys Byantina

How can I help my garden survive drought and floods?

We can’t control the weather. Our gardens are at the mercy of sun scorched drought and storm drenched floods. Geoff Hodge explains how you can make your garden more weather proof.

Repotting pot bound plant

Time to repot – or not?

Geoff Hodge explains whether it’s time to repot your container plants, or not.

What sort of containers can I grow plants in?

Bored of pots and planters? You don’t need to buy special containers for your plants. Why not recycle something to create a more unusual display? Debi Holland offers some suggestions

Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

How can I be a better summer gardener?

Late summer can be the best time in our gardens. This year we’ve seen a lot of rain, so growth has been accelerated hugely and as a result there’s still so much to do, but don’t forget to take time out to enjoy your garden too.

petunias and marigolds

Five flowers for summer pots

Flowers in pots provide instant colour to a drab spot in the garden. Here are 5 plants you can’t go wrong with.

vegetables and flowers in mixed border

Grow attractive edibles

In his Grow-Your-Own feature Martyn Cox recommends plants that look good and taste great.

Can I grow my own salad?

Follow Geoff Stebbings advice and grow your own salads this season

Easy Savoury Summer Treats

Every summer Geoff Stonebanks bakes lots of different cakes, sweet and savoury for his open garden, to raise money for charity.
Two of the most popular savoury treats that Geoff makes for his garden visitors over recent years are his ricotta cheesecake and his savoury muffins. Here he shares his recipes.

My Flower Power Story

Expert gardener Martin Fish has been working in the garden industry for more than forty years. He has been using Richard’s Flower Power plant food in his garden on a wide range of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Small garden tips and tricks

Top tips and tricks for making the most of a small garden space from Michael Perry.

Which bulbs are good for pots?

Geoff Stonebanks share’s his advice for planting bulbs in pots and containers

How to grow supermarket basil

How to make the most of supermarket basil. You can make your pot of supermarket basil last much longer by potting it into a larger pot. It’s one gardening job that is easy and will save you money!

Planter of purple grape hyacinths and orange tulips

What is lasagne planting?

Jean Vernon explains the lasagne technique when it comes to planting bulbs


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