Lilac shrub in flower

How to rejuvenate shrubs

Shrubs are the backbone of our gardens but left to their own devices many will outgrow their allotted space or become lanky and flower poorly. Martyn Cox guides you on how to give even the most overgrown shrub a new lease of life.

Metal plant labels

What’s the best way to label garden plants?

After years of experimenting with different plant labelling techniques, Tamsin Westhorpe shares her views on how to keep track of specimens in the garden.

salmon pink pelargonium zonale flowers

Top 10 plants for beginners

Martyn Cox guides you through ten of his (almost) foolproof favourite plants for beginner gardeners.

Plant partners for roses

Rose expert Michael Marriott suggests some perfect companion plants for garden roses. Enhance your garden roses with the beauty of other flowering plants.

Gaultheria procumbens

Evergreens for winter pots

Evergreens come into their own in winter. Make use of smaller ones in pots and containers to bring colour and interest to your garden.

garden in autumn

Tidying the garden in autumn

Martyn Cox has some advice on how your unruly autumn plot can easily be tamed within a few hours, leaving it in great shape until spring.

Berberis thunbergii

Planting shrubs and trees in autumn

Autumn is the perfect season for planting shrubs and trees. Andy McIndoe gives his advice and top tips for planting, and his 5 favourite shrubs.

loosening base of planting hole with trowel

Autumn planting for beginners

Autumn is the right time to buy and plant up trees and shrubs. Martyn Cox explains more in his guide for beginner gardeners.

Martyn Cox with his cut leaf black elder in garden

How to move garden plants

Sometimes plants don’t like where you planted them, or you simply change your mind. It’s OK to move them, Martyn Cox explains.

What can I do in the autumn garden to get ahead?

Although the garden is slowly beginning to take its winter rest – before bursting into growth again next spring – it doesn’t mean it’s rest time for you, says Geoff Hodge

white camellia flower

Charismatic Camellias

Choose camellias for large, striking flowers that light up the garden from the depths of winter into spring.


My favourite roses

Everyone loves roses. Michael Marriott from David Austin Roses has spent his career working with these wonderful plants and picks some of his favourites.

What’s so festive about holly and ivy?

Jean Vernon extols the virtues of the winter evergreens holly and ivy explores some of the myths and legends that relate to some of these seasonal plants

How can I use containers creatively in the garden?

Plants in pots and containers make up parts of most gardens, but they can be used to plant larger areas too, giving you lots of options in terms of plant choice and design.

What shrubs should I plant in my garden?

Viburnums for every season Though their individual flowers are small, and they cannot compete with more showy shrubs for floral display, the sheer usefulness of viburnums makes them essential garden plants. With diverse habits, often colourful berries and foliage that adds texture and colour to the garden all year, there is always one viburnum that […]

witch hazel

Five winter-flowering plants

Choose some great plants that flower in winter to add interest to your garden. Plantsman Graham Rice chooses his five favourite winter beauties.

autumn colour

Top shrubs for autumn

Seven of the best shrubs for autumn colour for UK gardens. These plants will bring stunning colour to your garden in autumn.

Five great azaleas

When in flower in spring, azaleas are simply stunning, literally covered all over with vibrant and beautiful blooms. Here are five great azaleas recommended by Peter Chapman from Perryhill Nurseries.

Show Gardens at RHS Chatsworth

Visitors to RHS Chatsworth Flower Show are in for a treat says Jean Vernon
This June the very first RHS Chatsworth Flower Show opened it’s gates to visitors. The weather was not very kind, with high winds and torrential rain closing the show on Press Day and creating parking issues for those that braved the elements. For show stalwarts who refused to be repelled, the show offered plenty of fresh and innovative gardens, exhibits and displays. The show gardens were a delight, with a range of Free Form creations, that ducked under the judging radar and some show gardens that would have been just as at home on main avenue at RHS Chelsea.

Tree peony 'Hai Huang'

Grow scented tree peonies

If you love peonies you will adore scented tree peonies. Mature plants can boast over a hundred flowers on one plant.


Grow Peony ‘Celebrity’

Peony ‘Celebrity’ is an easy to grow plant for the garden with huge blooms packed with raspberry ripple effect petals.


Camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’

Indulge yourself and your garden and plant Camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’ for a blush of pink in spring in your garden.

flowering currant Ribes

Five resilient shrubs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Here are five easy to grow, low maintenance shrubs from plantsman, Graham Rice.

Hydrangea 'LOVE'

Grow Hydrangea ‘Love’

Hydrangea ‘Love’ far outperforms the common or garden hydrangea in terms of flower shape, colour and more.


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