Grow Peony ‘Celebrity’

Peonies are one of the most exotic, flamboyant plants you can grow. You can watch as the fabulous, fat flower buds start to swell and burst right before your eyes, like an exotic butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The huge, fully double, bowl shaped rich magenta pink flowers will create drama in the border, or a real statement in pots and containers. Popular with florists and homeowners, peonies are a wonderful cut flower and combine well with garden foliage in a vase.

Peony ‘Celebrity’ is easy to grow and is often supplied as a bare root plant. You can expect between three and five flowers fabulous flowers in its first year.  The plants will establish steadily and flower every year in May/June as the garden borders burgeon and burst into growth.

Growing tips

To get the very best from your plant, follow these helpful tips.

  • When planting make sure that the noses (look for buds on the bare root) are just below the surface of the soil or compost, no more than 1cm deep. Peonies grow best in moist, well-drained soil in full sun/partial shade and will flower in May/June. 
  • Peony ‘Celebrity’ will grow to approximately 60-80cm high and wide (staking is recommended).
  • Once established, these peonies don’t respond well to being moved or divided, so choose where you intend to plant them carefully.
  • Start to feed every 4-6 weeks once the top growth of foliage has formed. Use Richard Jackson’s Flower Power Plant Food to encourage a fabulous performance every spring/summer.
  • Remove the dead flower heads after flowering and ensure you remove the seedpods to stop the plants putting energy into developing seed.
  • Cut the foliage back to the base of the plant in mid/end of November and mulch with a generous layer of well-rotted garden compost to protect the underground crown.

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