Camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’

Here’s a real treat for any garden!  With its picture perfect blooms of flushed pink petals with an occasional flash of deeper rose and rich, dark green foliage, it is no surprise that camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’ has an Award of Garden Merit from the RHS (AGM). 

As camellias go, this one’s quite unusual with semi-double mostly white flowers that are randomly striped and flushed with rose pink. Flowering from February to April, why not inject some early colour in your garden with this exquisite statement shrub?

Your camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’ will also provide early spring food for emerging butterflies and bees, bringing your garden alive with these precious pollinators.

Perfect for pots

  • Camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’ is well suited to growing in pots and containers because it is less vigorous than other camellias and can be kept in shape with some gentle pruning.
  • Plant container grown plants at the same depth as in original pot into ericaceous compost and position in partial shade.
  • Camellia ‘Lady Vansittart’ will grow to approximately 150cm high and wide and can be pruned after flowering to maintain a suitable shape.
  • Feed with a liquid or granular ericaceous fertiliser once a month from February through to the end of September to ensure an abundance of buds/flowers every year.
  • To get the very best from your plant it’s important to consider where you plant it or place your pot very carefully. The camellia plant itself is fully hardy but the foliage and buds need to dry out gradually to avoid damage. If there has been a night frost or there’s dew on the plants and flower buds then the early morning sun can cause damage to the buds. Plants in containers can be more easily moved around to find the very best position but where possible, avoid an east facing position.


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