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robin on branch
Give the birds in your garden a treat with Richard Jackson Bird Food. Image: Martin Mulchinock

If you’re looking for top rated bird food, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the right bird food to feed to your feathered friends used to be a fine art until now. The new improved Richard Jackson Premium Bird Food  supplies everything that your garden birds need all year round, in one high-energy, no-waste formulation. It’s truly a five star bird food and is one of the top rated bird food blends on the market.

Top quality bird food ingredients

When it comes to buying bird food there are so many different blends and brands to choose from and while they may look good, like most things, you can’t really tell until you start to use them. Once you start feeding your garden birds with Richard’s exceptional mix, your feeders will be magnets for the huge variety of birds that feed in your neighbourhood. It’s designed to attract a wider range of birds to the garden all year round and to feed them better giving them everything that they need nutritionally to ensure a healthy life. The latest formulation has got even more small seeds in it to attract a wider range of the smaller wild birds to your garden. One of our customers attracted a staggering 44 different species of wild garden birds to her garden when she started feeding with Richard’s bird food.

High Energy Bird Food
Richard’s Premium Bird Food is full of high energy ingredients to feed the birds all year round.

When you use Richard’s Five Star bird food your feathered friends will flock to your feeders creating a fabulous soap opera of antics and acrobatic feats as they feed. It’s a fantastic sight and as the birds become accustomed to your gourmet offering, more species will be attracted to your garden.

Special Formulation

Different birds have different nutritional needs. You can actually buy special mixes for specific birds and different foods for different times of the year, but it can be confusing. That’s why Richard has carefully formulated this one food for all. And it really works. 

“Many bird foods are packed with cheap fillers, such as wheat,” says gardening expert Richard Jackson. “The RSPB suggests that wheat grains are really only suitable for pigeons, so that means the other garden birds are missing out.”

“I wanted one bird food to attract the widest range of birds all year round and I wanted it to be really good for them, providing high energy for minimum effort,” explains Richard. “In winter this is really crucial because small birds need to quickly replenish lost energy and can spend 85% of daylight hours feeding just to survive.”

Once you start using it you will realise you don’t need lots of different packs for different birds. It can be presented in seed feeders, on a bird table or sprinkled on a ground feeder to suit the different feeding modes of all your garden birds.

Expert blend

Richard Jackson’s Bird Food is better than ever! 

Richard approached the leading bird food experts in Europe who helped formulate this top rated bird food blend. Richard’s highly acclaimed High Energy Bird Food is now even better than ever. Formulated to attract the widest range of birds to the garden possible and to feed them better, it contains up to four times the amount of energy compared with standard bird foods. “This is crucial,” Richard explains, “especially in the winter when blue tits, for instance, need to consume up to 30% of their body weight in food every day just to survive.” This special mix of seeds is designed to appeal to different size birds, with different size bills, and the thirteen quality ingredients are chosen for their oil, protein, vitamin and energy levels.

It’s also 100% free of wheat flakes, a cheap filler used in many bird foods that has virtually no nutritional benefit and it is a no waste mix ensuring that every morsel is eaten by and supports your garden birds.

Bird Food Pizza_13 ingredients
The special mix of 13 quality ingredients in High Energy Bird Food.

And now, the already unrivalled recipe contains even more energy rich sunflower hearts, which all birds love as well as protein rich dried mealworms that mimic the natural food that many insectivorous birds such as robins, need to survive, and it has more high energy suet pellets. The new formulation of this five star bird food contains 13 different seeds, grains and extra suet and is considered by many to be the very best bird food that you can buy.

Why not try High Energy Suet Balls too?

Richard Jackson High Energy Suet Balls are also incredibly popular and well rated. The birds absolutely love the soft, fat rich, nutritious suet balls and will flock to your garden to feed. Available in both a box of 50 suet balls and a box of 150, provide your garden visitors with a real treat, especially during the colder months when natural sources of food become scarce. And for the very first time we now have a great subscribe and save offer on our bird food. So if your birds love it as much as we think they will, you can save money and have it delivered automatically to your door.

Birds love the soft, fat rich, nutritious suet balls and will flock to your garden to feed.

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