Bee on Erigeron at Driftwood

Can you rewild a garden?

Weaving some wildlife into a garden adds a whole new layer of interest and it’s good for the environment too. Geoff Stonebanks shares his wildlife journey.

Red admiral butterfly

Butterflies and caterpillars

As a gardener there are a few garden ‘pests’ that can wreak havoc on our plants such as caterpillars. But before you reach for that insecticide take a few moments to really think about what you are doing.

goldfinch stood on edge of bird bath

How to provide safe water for the birds

As a nation we love feeding the birds. But it’s just as important to ensure they have a safe and reliable source of fresh water says Jean Vernon.

leaf cutter bee

Leaf cutter bee

Leaf cutter bees may leave unsightly holes in leaves as they cut small semi-circles to seal in their eggs; but these excellent pollinators are a true gardener’s friend.

Bumblebee on Sedum

Five common garden bees

It’s World Bee Day this coming weekend (May 20th 2023) so it’s the perfect time to tell you a bit more about some of your garden bees.

Hoverfly on verbena

Gardening for pollinators

Do you want to help the bees, encourage butterflies and harness the power of nature? It’s time to really think about how you can help pollinators, says Jean Vernon.

Bird's Foot Trefoil - wildflower

How to make your lawn more wildlife friendly

At the heart of many gardens is a lush green lawn. But it doesn’t have to be a tightly manicured carpet. Let it live a little so that it grows with nature says Jean Vernon.

bee on foxglove

Bee a better gardener

Once you have taken stock of your plant survivors, spare a thought for some of the other creatures in your garden, in particular the bees.

Blackbird on mossy branch

Gardening for songbirds

Our garden songbirds are in decline, but gardeners can make a huge difference to their survival, not just by providing the correct food.

earth worm

Wonderful worms

Where would we be without worms? These soil dwelling creatures are responsible for soil health in our gardens. Without these wiggling creatures our soil would be compacted, starved of oxygen and probably waterlogged.

Bee on dandelion


Don’t reach for the weedkiller when you see dandelions. Considered weeds by some, these spring flowers are a vital pollen source for bees.

Blue tit feeds her young in nestbox

Nesting birds

There’s a real energy in the spring garden as our feathered friends start to nest.

Nest box know-how

Spring is a great time to install a house for your feathered friends. Jean Vernon has some top tips and advice on siting a nest box in your garden.

Moles in the garden

Mention moles to most gardeners and the conversation immediately turns to lawns. Lovely swaths of manicured lawn punctuated by vast and numerous mounds of freshly, finely tilled soil.

Great tit sitting on a snow covered log


It’s not just the funny bird antics that bring our gardens alive in winter; it’s the bird song that lifts the dullest day and the darkest hour.


Five common garden birds

If you are getting ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch you need to be able to identify some of your common garden birds.

blackbird eating berries from common ivy

Berries for birds

Grow some plants in the garden that bear berries to help birds through the winter. Pyracantha, ivy, holly and cotoneaster are all good choices.

Wren sitting on branch

The king of winter

We might associate the robin with the winter garden, but did you know that the little wren is one of our more common garden birds?

Driftwood Garden

Gardening for wildlife

I can honestly say, when I began my garden way back in 2007, wildlife was not really something that I considered much. How times change. Now, I often stand at the bedroom window, looking out at the beach garden in the front of the house and am constantly amazed at the numbers of birds, mainly […]

waxwing eating red berries

Winter bird care

The garden is still rich in autumn fruit, seeds, nuts and berries and also insects, but competition is fierce. Here are 5 ways to help the birds over winter.

Starling murmuration

Starling murmurations

If you love birds, look out for these magical movements of starlings as they swoop and swirl in magnificent murmurations.

Eurasian bullfinch on branch

How to attract garden birds

As the seasons change the garden birds become more animated in our gardens. Jean Vernon suggests ways to attract more garden birds.

Pippistrelle bat

Bats in the garden

Don’t be scared, bats in the garden are a blessing not a curse. These little creatures mostly eat garden bugs as Wildlife World Bat expert Chantal Brown explains.


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