Flower Power

The Flower Power convert

OK one and all, time for a little honesty here. Up until last autumn, I’d never heard of Flower Power, Richard Jackson, let alone watched shopping channel QVC. Well clearly, it was a missed opportunity for an avid gardener like me. I’d relied on another brand leader plant food for many years, which I have to admit, I thought was really good.

Before Flower Power (above) and after (below)

Time for change

Little did I know that a chance visit I’d organised for a garden journalist to come and see the garden would lead to my finding out a well kept secret.  Having seen the garden and written a wonderful blog about Driftwood, Jean Vernon put me in touch with Richard Jackson and he generously agreed to supply me with Flower Power so that I could try it for the season.  I have to admit it was a difficult decision to break with my tried and tested product, which had allowed me to create a stunning garden over the last six summers that everyone had raved about.

Tried and tested

I’ve been using Flower Power now since mid April and the results are  pretty amazing, even by my harsh standards. All the pictures here show plants in my garden on both 6 May and again on 30 May, having applied my regime of feeding every single plant in the garden, (and I’ve probably got over 1000) every 5 to 6 days, in order to get the garden ready for it’s summer of opening from June to September.

Before Flower Power (above) and after (below)

Easy to use

Flower Power is such an easy product to use. I’ve been using the 2 kilo packs each with two 1kg packs inside. You just tip the brown granules out into the blue container and away you go. Simply measure out, add to water, I have  two 14-litre (3 gallon) watering cans and I just add 3 of the provided 5g measuring scoops to each can, give it a good stir and away I go. I must have walked miles over the last two months nurturing all my treasured plants in the garden. But, what a stunning result that has been achieved. I’m certainly glad that I discovered it and have no regrets I made the swap. I actually think Flower Power’s results are better than what I was using before. Trust me, if you love your garden as much as I do, you need to buy some Flower Power.

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