Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'

Creating autumnal garden hues

Geoff Stonebanks gives an insight into the autumnal hues at his award winning garden Driftwood Garden

Garden highlights of a decade at Driftwood

As we enter the 2020’s, we reveal some of Geoff Stonebanks gardening highlights over the last 10 years and take a look at some of his aspirations for the coming decade!

Xmas wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath is one of the easiest decorations to make and it is quite easy to collect all the foliage you need to make one from the garden.

How do I water container plants?

As a complete novice, as I was back in 2009 when I began gardening, I suppose the one thing I did not think of when creating a garden with so many containers, is the impact the watering would have. If we have many more summers like 2018 I’ll probably have to rethink my garden design. […]

Tips for growing in containers

You can learn a lot from a garden that consists of over 250 pots and containers and wins awards, Geoff Stonebanks offers his hard earned tips

Spring bulbs in containers Driftwood

Create a crescendo of colour in your pots and containers, says award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks

decorating salad box

Easter activities for children

The Easter holidays are the perfect time to get the kids outside. Here are a few activities to get kids helping in the garden, from crafts to easy plants.

Can I garden in containers?

Award winning garden designer Geoff Stonebanks explains why he uses over 250 containers at his Driftwood garden in Sussex and the key benefits of using containers

Can I create a garden themed Christmas?

When you think of Christmas and the garden, for me the top two things that come to mind are holly and ivy. These are two of the traditional and stereotypical decorations for this time of year. Why not gather some from your own garden and hang around your doorways and window frames to really give […]

Urban plant trends from Asia

Michael Perry rounds up some new on-trend plants and ideas from his travels in Asia

The Global Garden

Gardens are collections of plants from all over the world, Geoff Stonebanks explains how his garden attracts visitors from all over the globe

Garden Design Tips

Geoff Stonebanks shares his garden design tips that he used to make the most of his garden.

Seek out your local plant fair

Tamsin Westhorpe is convinced that attending local plant fairs is one way to support and build a great future for horticulture.

What makes a weed?

Tamsin Westhorpe shares her love/hate relationship with garden weeds and wildflowers

How do I grow Polianthes?

Polianthes tuberosa is an amazing plant, it’s a native of Mexico that is grown around the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions.

What is the Chelsea chop?

Geoff Stonebanks explains the Chelsea chop and some other techniques he uses in his award winning garden

Keeping chickens in the garden

Tamsin Westhorpe encourage us to have a fresh egg a day. Follow her timely advice on keeping hens in the garden.

How can I add structure to my garden

Plantsman Jamie Butterworth offers some garden design advice in his new blog. Here he explains how to create living structure in the garden using trees.


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