Roualeyn Fuchsias in the Floral Marquee

Five fabulous fuchsias

The beauty of RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 is that it offers the chance to compare and contrast plants of the same group or family

Here are five wonderful fuchsias for your garden pots and planters this summer from Fuchsia specialist Roualeyn Nurseries (Stand Number FM300). Despite their exotic look, fuchsias are really easy to grow and flower all summer. But did you know that you can eat the flowers and that the little fuchsia fruits are edible too. Don’t get too excited, they are no culinary delight, but you might enjoy prettying up the summer salads with a bloom or two, or adding the fuchsia fruits to a chilled glass of something nice.

Fuchsias need regular feeding, use Flower Power  for great results. Pinch out the growing tips of young plants twice to encourage flowering. If you are growing them in a pot they like to be slightly pot bound. Deadhead regularly.

Fuchsia 'Eternity'
The pretty double flowers of Fuchsia ‘Eternity’ have a dual-tone effect

1 Fuchsia ‘Eternity’ is a great choice for garden tubs. It’s fabulous big blousy double flowers open with rich pink and soft purple flowers that fade as they age to give a dual coloured effect. Not hardy.


Fuchsia 'Roualeyn White Gold'
For a dramatic white fuchsia ‘Roualeyn White Gold’ is a beautiful choice

2 Fuchsia ‘Roualeyn White Gold’ is a true delight. It’s angelic looking white double flowers look dreamy against the paler green foliage, but it is the dangling pink anthers that complete the look. This one likes a dry soil. Not hardy.


Fuchsia 'Jean Taylor'
Fuchsia ‘Jean Taylor’ has huge, double flowers

3 Fuchsia ‘Jean Taylor’ is a big double flowered variety, simply covered in flowers all summer. It’s a real stunner with its pretty soft red and pink flowers.


Fuchsia 'Rivendale'
Fuchsia ‘Rivendale’ is a lovely hardy fuchsia

4 Fuchsia ‘Rivendale’ is a hardy variety that has masses of outward facing two-tone flowers in a striking contrast of pale and rich pink. Good for pots and containers.


Fuchsia 'Pattie Sue'
Pretty pink Fuchsia ‘Pattie Sue’

5 Fuchsia ‘Patty Sue’ is great for tubs or baskets. It’s described as a heavy double with its soft, candy pink flowers hanging from the stems.

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