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roses cut flowers

Roses as cut flowers

Rose expert Michael Marriott shares his love of roses and advises how to use these garden favourites as cut flowers.

Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers all around your garden with simply stunning results.

Which annuals should I grow?

Debi Holland shares her love of garden annuals and suggests five fabulous annuals to grow in your garden

Carniverous plants from Wacky Plants Chelsea 2022

Plants on trend

Plants, gardening, horticulture and even botany are on trend. It’s an exciting time to be part of this growing fashion. Jean Vernon shares five new plant trends coming your way

Mindfulness for gardeners

If you have access to a garden, you have an open door to reach a little deeper into its offerings and calm you mind, body and spirit, explains Debi Holland

Italian Ranunculus cut flowers

How to grow Ranunculus

If you want to have a go at growing your own fabulous cut flowers, try ranunculus, otherwise known as Persian buttercups.

purple, white, red and pink anemone mistral flowers

How do I grow Anemone Mistral?

Anemone Mistral is a beautiful, Italian bred anemone that makes a fantastic cut flower and is so very easy to grow


My favourite roses

Everyone loves roses. Michael Marriott from David Austin Roses has spent his career working with these wonderful plants and picks some of his favourites.

What are Tree Lilies?

Looking like lilies on steroids, tree lilies produce towering stems that are capable of carrying up to 30, dinner plate sized blooms in summer. Apart from their dramatic good looks, the flowers possess an intoxicating scent that makes spending time outside a true sensory experience.


Five ways with Poinsettia plants

The best-selling Christmas plant of them all, poinsettias are sold in a range of sizes and colours. They make great pot plants, but with a bit of creativity can also be used as decorations.

What’s so festive about holly and ivy?

Jean Vernon extols the virtues of the winter evergreens holly and ivy explores some of the myths and legends that relate to some of these seasonal plants

Five new roses for 2019

A garden is not complete without a rose or two. Jean Vernon finds five new roses at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival

Ideas to take home from RHS Chelsea 2019

There are so many inspirational gems at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, many are unachievable in most gardens, but here are five ideas from this year’s show to take home for your plot

Nemesia ‘Honey Dark Yellow’ (Plants2Garden)

Plant Trial Results 2018

This summer our Gardening Club members helped trial some of next year’s new plants. Geoff Hodge reports

Poinsettia dress

Celebrating the Poinsettia

A dress made from 300 Poinsettia flowers celebrates International Poinsettia Day on December 12th.


Poinsettias as cut flowers

Poinsettias make great festive cut flowers and will last up to two weeks. Here are 5 great ideas for using poinsettias as cut flowers.

The Flower Patch bike

Celebrate British Flowers Week 2016

Get behind this year’s British Flowers Week to support and celebrate local and British grown cut flowers.

Taylors Clematis

Flower Power fed plants win

Richard Jackson reveals the true extent of his Flower Power Plant Food’s winning streak

sweet pea bouquet

Celebrate British Flowers Week

British Flowers Week is 15 – 19 June 2015. Celebrate by growing your own cut flowers in the garden. Here are 5 easy flowers to grow.


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