Photo Competition Winners

Thanks to all of you who entered our recent photo competition. We were delighted to see all the fabulous pictures of your Flower Power gardens. It’s been tricky to pick just 3 pics for each of our categories but here they are below. Each winner receives a £50 online voucher to spend in our store.

Lawn Magic and/or Moss Remover Category Winners

Ray Walker: Front and back lawns never looked this good until I started using Lawn Magic – my neighbours all comment on it and next door are now using it and a couple of others too.
Sally Worcester: Our garden in Letchworth garden city just a small peak of it and all helped along thanks to Richard Jackson’s flower power, root boost, pest control, lawn magic and plants which we have been using for many years not to mention his useful tips.
Claire Hughes: These photos were taken this year across the space of a few months before and after we used Moss Remover and Lawn Magic, we are blown away by the difference, it was well worth the effort.

Flower Power, Easy Feed and/or Root Booster Category

Matthew Walter: Tomatoes are always grown from seed and this year’s London allotment has grown a new Sutton’s variety called Crimson Plum. Very heavy cropper and grown strong and stout with Flower Power to which I add calcium granules to limit blossom-end rot. Sprayed with a diluted seaweed feed once a week, and constant removal of side shoots I’ve grown five trusses to ensure a season long harvest.
Dennis Amos: My photos only show a small part of my beautiful 2021 garden, this year has been by far the best using Flower Power and Root Booster, the strength, beauty and colours are all down to your fantastic product, thank you.
Natalie Harvey: Dahlia planted with root booster, fed with Flower Power, the blooms are enormous and bright.

Pest & Weed Control Category Winners

Spencer Lambeth-Angell: The three photos I have included were all protected by your slug and snail product. Compared to the previous year these plants were all damaged by slugs and snails. Its meant my garden has looked far better this year. The product is also used around my vegetable plants.
Phillip Lakin: Besides being fed on Flower Power; which produce several large blooms per bulb, these have also been sprayed with the Pest Control to keep the Lily Beetle at bay, and it seems to have worked as there were no signs of the usual attack on my leaves.
Anita Burrows: As a keen hosta grower this is one of my most successful plants thanks to Root Booster, Flower Power and Richard Jackson’s amazing slug pellets which keep unwanted visitors away. My hostas have been the best ever.

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