What are ground cover plants?

Geoff Stonebanks explores how plants hug and cover different surfaces at Driftwood.

Creating Winter drama in containers

Give your faded baskets and plants a new lease of life to create your...

Winter edibles to grow and pick now

As the garden starts to slow, there are still plenty of edibles to pick,...

What do I need to know about feeding garden birds?

It might sound daft but there’s a bit more to feeding the birds than...

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Grow fabulous hellebores

Hellebore winter flowers are the winter wonders of the garden. These beautiful plants have stunning winter flowers and are a beacon of wonder in the coldest months.

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How to grow plug plants

You can fill your garden with masses of colour, drama and variety by buying mail-order plug plants. Martyn Cox offers some seasonal advice on how to grow plug plants.

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How to rejuvenate shrubs

Shrubs are the backbone of our gardens but left to their own devices many will outgrow their allotted space or become lanky and flower poorly. Martyn Cox guides you on how to give even the most overgrown shrub a new...

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