Plant trial update

If you’re growing plants in our plant trial, don’t forget to send your form back by the end of October. And please email us some photos of your plants growing in your garden: [email protected].

Digitalis ‘Knee High Dwarf’

“They arrived in good condition and soon started to grow on after being put in 5 inch pots. They were put into the ground with chicken manure pellets at the bottom of the planting hole on 28 May. They are still flowering; the pink and blush seem to have performed better than the cream.”
Mrs Allsop, Northampton

Digitalis 'Knee High Dwarf'
Digitalis ‘Knee High Dwarf’. Image: Mrs Allsop

“Thanks for the trial dwarf digitalis plants. Tried them in various locations – three in very large pots, some in the ground and a single one in a pot. Must say that in pots they have grown much bigger and healthier. I used Flower Power on all of them.  They are really pretty blooms and I am very pleased with them. I am now hoping that they will return even more splendid next summer.”
Jeanette Painter, Romford

Digitalis 'Knee High Dwarf'
Digitalis ‘Knee High Dwarf’. Image: Jeanette Painter

Hydrangea ‘Teller Jixi’

“Just update on hydrangea I am testing. It has been really beautiful plant all summer. Everyone has admired it even the bees liked it. It has been fed Flower Power and only had lots of rain water. It is now going into autumn mode but has had three new stems come up still beautiful to look at though”
Gail Bolstridge, Nottingham

Hydrangea ‘Teller Jixi’
Hydrangea ‘Teller Jixi’.Image: Gail Bolstridge

Hydrangea ‘Double Dutch’

“Just thought I would post a picture of the Hydrangea ‘Double Dutch’ I was sent in July as it is now, with just over two months of growth. I have removed the spent flower heads and some older leaves, but on the whole is looking really healthy. I will wait till next year to plant it in the ground in its new spot next to the new front porch we had built earlier in the year.”
Terry Cullum, Essex

Hydrangea ‘Double Dutch’
Hydrangea ‘Double Dutch’. Image: Terry Cullum

Pumpkin ‘Evergold’

“I planted the squash in large pots in a south facing garden and fed them twice a week. What a fantastic crop!”
Ruth Stephens, Yorkshire

Pumpkin ‘Evergold’
Pumpkin ‘Evergold’. Image: Ruth Stephens

“Evergold #pumpkins! Petite but perfectly formed, ready for Halloween!”
Debi Holland, Bristol

Pumpkin ‘Evergold’
Pumpkin ‘Evergold’. Image: Debi Holland

Viola ‘Bunny Ears Mixed’

“These were great from the very start and are still going strong. I would buy these with pleasure; they make you smile. When my uncle came round he commented on these and wanted to know what they were as he wants some.”
Debra Flowers, Norwich

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