Dianthus 'Berry Blush'

Five NEW plants at RHS Chelsea 2021

New plants are the lifeblood of gardening and here at Richard Jackson Garden we love to bring exciting new introductions for your gardens. So you won’t be surprised that among the 18 shortlisted plants were some that we have already brought to you. Here are five stunning new plants that we think are something special. Did you go to RHS Chelsea 21? What’s your new favourite, do let us know.

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’
Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’. Image: Jean Vernon

This stunning plant won RHS Plant of the Year 2021. It’s a stunning new variety that would be a fabulous statement plant in a patio pot. It has unique foliage that unfurls in hues of rich, deep red and then become orange and eventually softer shades of yellow, creating a mix of autumnal hues on each stem. It’s virtually autumn in a pot and a fabulous souvenir to remind you of what may possibly be the only ever autumnal Chelsea Flower Show. Once established this small tree will go on to produce dark pink flowers on bare stems before the leaves form and of course the leaves will take on spectacular autumnal colours before they fall. Exhibited by Stonebarn Landscapes.

Hylotelephium ‘Dream Dazzler’ 

Hylotelephium 'Dream Dazzler’
Hylotelephium ‘Dream Dazzler’. Image: Jean Vernon

If you think this plant looks like a sedum, you are correct. However it has been reclassified by botanists and is now called Hylotelephium. This is a new variety in the SunSparkler Series and has attractive purple grey foliage with edges in vibrant shocking pink fading to dusky pink depending where you plant it. In a sunny spot it’s a dazzler while planted in the shade the contrast is a softer blush pink. Autumn was a great time to display this plant because it was clothed in spectacular deep, dark pink flowers. It’s a great pollinator plant ideal for late foraging insects. It’s a great choice for rockeries, alpine troughs, shallow planters or even a gravel garden. It’s fully hardy, drought tolerant and very low maintenance. Exhibited by Sparsholt College.

Dianthus ‘Berry Blush’

Dianthus 'Berry Blush'
Dianthus ‘Berry Blush’. Image: Whetman Plants

You might recognise this lovely dianthus and that’s because it was one of our plant exclusives brought to you by Richard Jackson Garden. We are pretty choosy about the plants we offer to our customers and this one was a winner in every department ticking all the boxes that we look for in a great garden plant. It’s a British bred plant, which means it grows well in UK conditions. Created by dianthus specialists Whetman Pinks, this sweetly scented alpine variety has uniform, compact growth, attractive silver blue foliage and a mass of striking scented single two-toned flowers with dark centres and frilly pink edges. It’s a stunner! Showcased by The Sun.

x Semponium ‘Sienna’

x Semponium ‘Sienna’
x Semponium ‘Sienna’. Image: Jean Vernon

If you like sempervivums and Aeoniums then meet Semponium! It’s a new cross between a hardy sempervivums and a striking Aeonium creating this amazing, majestic succulent plant. Perfect for bridging the gap between houseplants and patio, this fabulous specimen could be planted in a patio pot or even a window box to add drama to the garden and then moved indoors for winter. It’s hardy down to -4C and a real stunner. From Surreal Succulents.

Allium ‘Lavender Bubbles’

Allium 'Lavender Bubbles'
Allium ‘Lavender Bubbles’. Image: Jean Vernon

Here’s another great plant that Richard found for your gardens this year. It’s a fabulous late summer flowering allium, perfect for pollinators and great for patio gardens, pots and containers. It has lovely glaucous green, twisted foliage from spring into autumn. The flowers are a deep dusky purple creating globes of nectar rich flowers above the foliage that burst like lavender fairyesque lampshades within the display. It’s a stunner. Showcased by The Sun.

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