Summer holiday garden care

Before you head off on your hols, check out these useful and timely gardening...

How to stay safe in your summer garden

Our gardens have become a haven away from the chaos of the rest of...

How to care for your summer lawn

The best advice to care for your lawn after hot summer drought and torrential...

What can I grow for summer scent?

Many garden plants have exquisite perfume and fragrance. Jean Vernon picks five plants that...

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Top Rated Bird Food

Richard Jackson’s Premium Bird Food has been re-formulated and is better than ever. It’s also available as a QVC TSV on 6 January 2018 at a special price saving £9!

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Cheese plant shortage shock

There’s been a surprising shortage of cheese plants in the houseplant departments of garden centres in the UK. The revival in house plants sparked by Instagram pictures posted by millenials has seen price rises of 20% for the cheese plant...

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Invasive plants are a growing concern

Defra’s recently launched Invasive Species Week, was designed to encourage river users to think about non-native species and aquatic plants such as floating pennywort. But banned invasive plants are still being listed on online marketplace Ebay and have also been...

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