How can I make gardening a bit easier?

When the aches and pains limit your gardening, it can be disheartening. Debi Holland offers advice on how to keep yourself gardening when faced with restricted mobility

Leafy heart

October half-term fun for kids

Tamsin Westhorpe is keen to fill the October half term with adventures in the garden.

What sort of containers can I grow plants in?

Bored of pots and planters? You don’t need to buy special containers for your plants. Why not recycle something to create a more unusual display? Debi Holland offers some suggestions

Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

How can I garden to save the planet?

Sometimes global issues can make us feel helpless but we can all make changes to our daily routines which multiply up to significant results, says Debi Holland.

vegetables and flowers in mixed border

Grow attractive edibles

In his Grow-Your-Own feature Martyn Cox recommends plants that look good and taste great.

What can I do in the autumn garden to get ahead?

Although the garden is slowly beginning to take its winter rest – before bursting into growth again next spring – it doesn’t mean it’s rest time for you, says Geoff Hodge


A tower of strawberries

Everyone loves strawberries and it’s so easy to grow your own. Clare Matthews has a great idea for making a strawberry tower that will keep the kids busy for a spring afternoon.

decorating salad box

Mini salad box

Teach the kids some garden basics and get started yourself this spring with this fun and easy to grow salad box from Clare Matthews.

Which bulbs are good for pots?

Geoff Stonebanks share’s his advice for planting bulbs in pots and containers

How to grow supermarket basil

How to make the most of supermarket basil. You can make your pot of supermarket basil last much longer by potting it into a larger pot. It’s one gardening job that is easy and will save you money!

Ripening raspberries on the bush

Extending the grow-your-own season

Early September is the time to crack on with harvesting tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and other tender vegetables & fruit that you’ve been growing outside.

Guerrilla gardening for kids

Get the kids into guerrilla gardening by making seed bombs to add colour to the garden. This is an extract from a book on children’s gardening by Matthew Appleby.

What is companion planting?

Some plants offer additional benefits when grown in close proximity with others. Jean Vernon explores

What is RootBooster and does it work?

Already a fan of Flower Power, Geoff Stonebanks takes a look at RootBooster and its benefits for his container based garden.

What are Tree Lilies?

Looking like lilies on steroids, tree lilies produce towering stems that are capable of carrying up to 30, dinner plate sized blooms in summer. Apart from their dramatic good looks, the flowers possess an intoxicating scent that makes spending time outside a true sensory experience.

How can I use colour creatively in the garden?

Geoff Stonebanks is an instant gardener, because he wants the area he is creating or changing to look like the image he has in his head, instantly

Meet Martyn Cox

Spreading the love of gardening in a friendly accessible way is at the very core of Richard Jackson’s Garden. That’s why we are delighted to welcome Martyn Cox as our NEW Brand Ambassador

How can I use containers creatively in the garden?

Plants in pots and containers make up parts of most gardens, but they can be used to plant larger areas too, giving you lots of options in terms of plant choice and design.


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