giant pumpkin

Giant pumpkin fed with Flower Power

When Joe Adkins started growing giant pumpkins five years ago, his competitors joked his underweight efforts had been on the Atkins diet, a play on his surname.

giant pumpkin
Joe Adkins getting his massive pumpkin weighed.

So for 2016 he and his daughter employed a secret weapon and started to use the American equivalent of Richard Jackson’s Flower Power plant food, called Blossom Booster, to grow their Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. “Both myself and my 11 year old daughter were able to grow enormously huge pumpkins. My daughter made it on the news and I took 1st place with the 1861 pounder (844kg) that I grew. Thank you for such a great product. I will be using it again this 2017. We only used Blossom Booster for food the entire growing season and I know it was the key to growing such a massive size and weight,” says Joe.

The Giant Pumpkin weigh-off is a huge event held at Siegel’s Pumpkin Farm in Illinois, USA as part of its Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm Pumpkin Fest. Growers from all over the Midwest USA have been entering the competition winning huge prizes of thousands of dollars.

Flower Power Success

Joe is convinced that the US Blossom Booster, which is the same as the UK’s Flower Power really helped him win. “I have been growing giant pumpkins now for five years with my old personal best weight of 1087lbs (493kg). I was a bit of a joke at the weigh offs and my pumpkins would weigh less than they should.  People would say it was on the Atkins diet due to my last name.  Not this year.  My pumpkin’s final weight was 1861lbs (844kg).  No jokes this year.  I took first place from the multi-state competition and I plan to do it again this year using your secret weapon.”

He fed his pumpkin plant regularly with Richard Jackson’s Plant Food and it just grew and grew and grew. “My 1861 pounder (844kg) pumpkin put on 50lbs (22.6kg) a day at its peak,” he reveals.

Gold Medals

Flower Power Plant Food is the UK version of the fertilser used by Joe Adkins, it was launched ten years ago and has yielded much more than wonderful flowers, fruit and vegetables. The professionally formulated plant food has become the secret of success for many home gardeners at home and abroad, as well as many professional growers, helping them to win Gold Medals at many prestigious and major flower shows, including RHS Chelsea. Flower Power was also used to feed the Yorkshire Gold medal, Britain in Bloom winning entry in Barwick-in-Elmet in 2016.

“To celebrate these gold awards and our 10th anniversary we’ve produced a special limited edition 10th Anniversary gold tub,” says Richard Jackson.

This unique, professional quality plant food contains rich levels of potash that enhances the production of flowers, fruit and vegetables and also helps to toughen the plants too.

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