woman harvesting spinach

Summer GYO advice

Martyn Cox shares his advice for peak summer Grow Your Own success to keep your plot productive.

sowing broad beans

Grow broad beans

Broad beans are an easy vegetable to grow and much more robust than French or runner beans. Why not give them a go in your garden this year?


Know your onions

Get adventurous with your onions this year and try growing some unusual varieties from seed. Vicki Cooke, the former Royal Kitchen Garden Keeper at Hampton Court Palace, shows you how.

Forcing rhubarb with terracotta pots

Growing rhubarb

One of the easiest fruit you can grow in your garden is rhubarb. Vicki Cooke raises the humble rhubarb to gourmet status.

garden in autumn

Tidying the garden in autumn

Martyn Cox has some advice on how your unruly autumn plot can easily be tamed within a few hours, leaving it in great shape until spring.

Harvest late summer crops

It’s late summer, but there’s still plenty to be done on the vegetable plot. Keep picking peas, beans and courgettes. And there’s still time to plant salads.

Keep your veg garden productive

With a little care and attention you can keep all your herbs, fruit and vegetables at the peak of perfection, Martyn Cox offers some timely advice

vegetables and flowers in mixed border

Grow attractive edibles

In his Grow-Your-Own feature Martyn Cox recommends plants that look good and taste great.


Radish revolution

There’s more to radishes than a just a quick filler crop or something for the children’s garden. Vicki Cooke extolls the virtues of the humble radish.

Cabbages and kings

Take a closer look at the underrated cabbage, says former Hampton Court Kitchen Garden Keeper Vicki Cooke

Can I grow my own salad?

Follow Geoff Stebbings advice and grow your own salads this season

chitting potatoes

Getting started with potatoes

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is the humble potato. Buy seed potatoes now and give your crop a head start.

red and green apples

Winter edibles to grow and pick now

As the garden starts to slow, there are still plenty of edibles to pick, store and grow for winter, says Martyn Cox.

harvested asparagus spears

Grow Your Own Asparagus

When it comes to growing vegetables you need to grow things that you love to eat, crops that are expensive to buy in the shops and things that taste better eaten fresh from the garden says Jean Vernon.

Vegetable patch in UK garden

A plan for all seasons

Some of the historical techniques that were employed by gardeners decades ago are just as relevant today, especially when it comes to crop rotations.

Martyn Cox with tray of seedlings

Getting started with seeds

Nothing beats growing plants from seeds, whether it’s vegetables, annuals or perennials.

Corn salad 'Vit'

Grow corn salad

As the seasons start to turn and the garden harvest wanes a little, plan ahead and sow some corn salad, it’s undemanding and a great choice.

Pickled cucumbers

Have you got a glut of greenhouse cucumbers or even courgettes? Try this recipe and transform your harvest into a sweet, tangy and delicious pickle

What is companion planting?

Some plants offer additional benefits when grown in close proximity with others. Jean Vernon explores

Grow Your Own

Summer advice to get the best from your home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs

How to keep growing home-grown food

If you are growing your own food for the first time Martyn Cox offers his timely tips and advice to get the best from your crops


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