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Flower Power wins awards

The new improved formulation of Flower Power was introduced last spring. It now contains chelated micro-nutrients (they’re like vitamins for plants) to ensure that your garden plants can access the exact nutrients needed for healthy growth.

“I knew that it was better than ever and I was delighted when QVC viewers got in touch to tell me what amazing results they’d achieved during the summer, “ says Richard Jackson.

But what was even more exciting was when reports from a range of professional growers started to come in. “I was thrilled when so many professional growers told me of the success they’d had too. Over the summer, leading growers in the world of horticulture won over 40 Gold medals and first prizes at top flower shows, including RHS Chelsea and RHS Hampton Court. They’d used Flower Power on a range of winning exhibits with a variety of different plants showing how versatile the formulation is. Winning exhibits included fuchsias, clematis, roses, begonias and lots of vegetables too including tomatoes, potatoes and carrots.”

Spofforth is a Britain in Bloom gold medal winning village.

Britain in Bloom Winner

It was a busy year in the Flower Power stakes in 2015. Garden News, the top selling garden weekly, ran a Container of the Year competition and the winner, as well as six of the seven runners up fed their plants with Flower Power. What’s more, an entire village used it too. Spofforth was Yorkshire’s entry in the hotly contested Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom competition. They fed their baskets with Flower Power and their village won Gold and Best in Category in the nationwide contest.

Food glorious food

Hanging baskets
Hanging baskets from a customer. “Some photographs from my Grandmother’s garden that I maintain. All the plants are from QVC and fed with Flower Power.”

One of the secrets of growing better plants is to feed them. But not all plant foods are the same, the amount and the balance of nutrients varies enormously between different products. To boost flower and fruit production you need to choose a plant food with a generous proportion of potash. It’s the K in the N:P:K ratio on the label. Plants need all three main nutrients, N is the nitrogen than supports healthy foliage, P is the phosphorus needed for strong and healthy roots and K is the potash for fruit and flower production. Flower Power has extra high levels of potash and it can help any gardener, from beginner to expert, grow more flowers, fruits and vegetables.

The additional micronutrients in the new formulation complete the offering for your plants and eliminate the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Flower Power is dissolved in water and applied as a liquid feed. This is the quickest way to get nutrients into your plants. The liquid formulation ensures a more even application and can be taken up by the plant leaves as a foliar feed, or applied to the soil around the plant roots. 

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