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Easter activities for children

Now that the weather is warming up, there’s plenty for the kids to be doing outside in the garden. Here are a few ideas:

Easter egg hunt

Easter is the perfect time to get the family outside and to make the most of your outdoor space. An Easter egg hunt is the perfect excuse and with a little effort this annual foraging for chocolate can become a really special event. Better still the preparations and planning can keep the children occupied for days beforehand too. Find out about staging your own garden Easter egg hunt.

caterpillar seed head
Micro greens growing in an egg box caterpillar – an easy project for a child. Image: Michelle Board.

Caterpillar seed heads

This simple craft idea using an egg carton, pipe cleaners and googly eyes will get kids growing in no time at all and is a great way to learn all about seeds. And the best part is there is something yummy to eat at the end as well! Find out how to make caterpillar seeds heads.

Make seed bombs

Guerrilla gardeners aim to green up drab spaces in their local environment. They are part of a movement that has taken hold
 in many cities in the northern hemisphere. Making seed bombs is one of their techniques that is suitable for children to copy. Find out how to make seed bombs.

Make a mini salad box

Start growing a few edibles and get the kids outside with this easy and fun spring planting mission that achieves so much. How to make a mini salad box.

cane topper
Make brightly coloured cane toppers. Image: ©

Make garden cane toppers

Make some bright and cheery cane toppers for the garden, they will protect your eyes and make a jaunty splash of colour. You can even use them as ornaments to brighten pots and borders. How to make garden cane toppers.

Grow strawberries

They are a great fruit for kids to grow, easy to look after the small plants produce shining, sweet fruits with very little effort. You need a number of plants however to ensure a good few bowls of juicy strawberries. Find out more about growing strawberries.

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