Starting 2016 with a bang on QVC

What an exciting start to the New Year for gardening on QVC. We’re kicking it all off on Friday 8 January with a fantastic Today’s Special Offer on my Premium Bird Food.

Richard Jackson High Energy No Waste Bird Food
Richard Jackson High Energy No Waste Bird Food. Image: QVC

Feeding the birds is such a delight and studies published by the British Trust for Ornithology show that it really does help build populations of birds like the Great Spotted woodpecker. However, in my experience, the quality of bird foods varies dramatically. So when I decided to introduce my feed, I worked with the top bird food company in Europe to develop something special that would help attract a wider range of birds to the garden and, at the same time, help feed them better.

My premium mix provides birds with up to FOUR times the amount of energy compared with ordinary bird foods. It contains a very special mix of carefully chosen seeds and suet, all of which have been chosen to provide essential energy, protein, oils, carbohydrates and vitamins. Each species of birds has a seed size and shape that suits their particular beak so this mix has something for all of them. And, there’s another really important benefit. Lots of bird food is padded out with wheat, a cheap ‘filler’ ingredient that has little nutritional benefit to birds, but mine is 100% wheat free.

Today’s Special Offer

My 12.75kg bag of premium bird food normally sells for £30 (plus p&p) but the Today’s Special Offer price is £23.96. Not only that, there’s a wonderful bonus too – I’ve included a pack of six fruity energy treats with each bag. These are a special type of suet ball, made to my recipe, and packed with energy boosting goodness to benefit birds though the crucial winter feeding period as well as the spring and summer breeding season. They’re not rock solid, like many suet balls, we’ve created a special texture for easier eating and  they smell amazing too, with the fragrance of summer fruits.

Last year, demand for my bird food was so high that we ran out of stock on a number of occasions. So we’ve arranged to offer an auto-delivery option on the TSV. You can opt for up to four more deliveries of the TSV pack (12.75 kg of my premium bird food plus the bonus pack of six fruity energy treats) every 45 days and still pay the TSV price (plus p&p) each time. You can opt out at any stage, but if you continue to the final delivery, we’ll pop in an additional pack of six fruity energy treats as a thank you from us.

Also on QVC this spring…

Begonia Majestic series. Image: Thompson & Morgan

Our TSV is just one of the exciting ways we’re launching our gardening year on QVC. We’ll also be introducing some new and spectacular plants like giant flowered begonias, with huge flowers up to 20cm/8in across! I’m really pleased that we’re also launching  a new range of creative outdoor living products (sorry, that’s all I’m allowed to say at this stage!) and some really special power tools. There will be some fantastic offers on my range of Flower Power products too, at least one offer per month.

When I’m not at QVC, or gardening, I’ll be working on my website, Last year we were honoured to be awarded the ‘Website of the Year’ by the Garden Media Guild and this year, we’re planning to make the website even better. We’re launching my Garden Club. It’s completely free to join and there are some great benefits including a monthly newsletter, monthly prize draw, special pre-launch plant trials (such as an incredible red hydrangea), and you could join me on  ‘Meet the head gardener day’. I’d be delighted if you join.

So you can tell I’m really excited about the year ahead. It promises to be a cracker!

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