Peace lily

Say it with plants on Valentine’s Day

You could choose a beautiful shrub rose to plant in the garden, or make up a seed hamper of flower seeds you know your beloved would like to grow. Or why not take them to the garden centre or nursery to choose a plant, a tree or shrub that you can plant together and watch it grow?

If the surprise factor is more your style then here are five ideas to ring the changes and bring a smile to the face of your loved one. Wrap them in beautiful gift wrap adorned with ribbons and don’t forget the card!

Five romantic houseplants for Valentine’s Day

Moth orchid
Moth orchid. Image: Thompson & Morgan

True romantic. Give a moth orchid, the sexiest plant on the planet.  The exotic flowers look fabulous for months and once they finish, the plants often burst into bloom again. A good choice for the sitting room.

In the mood?  One sniff of the fantastic perfumed pink jasmine and your lover will be in your arms. Cheaper than a posh bottle of scent, and much more fun. Can be grown on indoors for years, if you’ve the space, but only blooms in the spring. Paradise in a pot.

Evergreen love. The sweetheart plant gets its name from the wonderfully glossy green heart shaped leaves. This easy grow philodendron thrives on neglect and, unusually for houseplants, even copes with shade. Lasts for years, just like any true love.

Lover’s tiff? Planning to kiss and make up? Then the peace lily is the plant to give. Tough and easy to grow, the lovely white flowers appear twice a year. Flourishes anywhere so you should be able to keep the peace for years.

Hot date. If you’ve got the patience, you can grow your own date from the stones from those Christmas dates. It’s easier and quicker to give a phoenix palm, an imposing evergreen for the sitting room. Ideal for that dream date.


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